Eidskyrkja, June 18 2023

First summer hike from Grøndalsstølen

On our way to Eidskyrkja


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
18.06.23 Eidskyrkja 1462m 1037m Volda, Norway WCP MAP

Our route up and down EIdskyrkja

Sunday: On this Sunday, I decided to visit Eidskyrkja from Grøndalsstølen. I had done this route once before – in April 2016 (video included), but then I was following the normal skiing route. The hiking route is not following the winter route.

The road to Grøndalsstølen is a toll road, but I couldn’t find any envelope to put money in, and so I drove on – hoping to meet someone who knows how this works. I met a guy – out walking – and he said I shouldn’t worry about it. So, I didn’t and drove all the way up to the cabins.

We have a “legit” hike ahead of us!

The path through the forest was easy to find and easy to follow.

Through the forest

It was a hot day, and Karma made use of every water source we came across…

Take your sweet time!

My first goal was to get up Bygdeskaret and to lake Fantekrålvatnet.

Up Bygdeskaret

When we arrived at lake Fantekrålvatnet, I didn’t know where the summer route was. But I figured it *had* to be straight up from the lake. And sure enough, after crossing the drain from the lake I found a path.

Lake Fantekrålvatnet. Our route ahead is to the left

We had an easy climb from the lake and up to the ridge above.

Rising above lake Fantekrålvatnet

On the ridge above, it was clear that we still had a bit of distance to cover…

Oh my…

But with snow and water, life’s good anyway…

Now, you look weird…

There wasn’t a lot of snow left, but still we had to plod our way up to the upper basin.

Couldn’t avoid this snow

And then we had the summit in view!

It’s longer to the top than it seems!

I decided to avoid the snow (as much as we could) going up and followed the edge.

Along the edge

The views were pretty good from the edge!

Edge view

Eventually, we sat course for the top!

Almost there!

So good to be back!

Back on Eidskyrkja!

What you don’t see from up here isn’t worth seeing! That said, some fjords on the picture would have been nice…

Sunnmøre alps, seen from Eidskyrkja

After a nice stay, we took the snowy route down from the top.

Heading down

Karma doesn’t have a whole lot of body language, but from what I could tell – she was happy!

She looks happy, right?

After returning to Grøndalsstølen, Karma was really hot. Sunscreen and lots of water helped, but I figured she had earned a swim in lake Grøndalsvatnet. Of course, telling her to jump in won’t work, but if I throw something – she’s programmed to retrieve it.

Why don’t you take an extra round?

She didn’t mind going for seconds…

You’ve definitely earned this…

A great hike!

Trip statistics: 10,8km, 1030 vertical meters, 3h:11m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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