Blæjeskardtinden, Sandfjelltuva, Skorene, July 5 2023

A super-fun round-trip hike!

Looking back on our horseshoe-route


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
05.07.23 Blæjeskardtinden (Mørkevasstinden) 1131m 238m Volda/Vanylven, Norway MAP
05.07.23 Sandfjelltuva 1001m 153m Vanylven, Norway MAP
05.07.23 Skorene (Skurvethornet) 724m 71m Vanylven, Norway MAP

The route

Wednesday: After a couple of days with rain, it cleared up and I was eager on hiking outside my local region. After checking with my buddy Bjørn Skoge, I decided to drive to Norddalen (Syvden) and up to lake Kvanndalsvatnet (525m) to do a round-trip hike across Blæjeskardtinden and Sandfjelltua. And while at it – visit Skorene – a (non-pf100) top that I hadn’t been to before.

Driving up Norddalen

I wasn’t aware that it was possible to get this high with a car here, but it was, and the road was quite good. At 4:30pm, Karma and I was ready for a really fun round-trip hike.

At lake Kvanndalsvatnet

We followed a marked trail until we reached the ridge that would take us all the way to Blæjeskardtinden. We now had the entire horseshoe-route in plain view.

Our routes up and down are seen from here

Bjørn had said that I would not run into problems with respect to the dog and I gladly took his word for it. And sure enough, the path was easy to follow and easy to hike.

Grr! Wait!!

After the first “push”, we got the final part of the ridge in view.

Easy peasy from here…

We were both happy

Make it count…

The views were getting better by the minute. I had been in Norddalen once before – back in 2012 when I hiked Molegga and Tenna from the road I had driven today, but back then I parked way further down. I had also been to Storefjelltinden before, but then I hiked from Innselset by Dasfjorden.

Kvanndalsvatnet and our trailhead

The ridge led us up to a small top called Tinden (1110m). From Tinden, Blæjeskardtinden was just a short hike away.

On Tinden. Blæjeskardtinden in center

Shortly after, we were back on Blæjeskardtinden. The last time was with Anne, back in 2014. Back then, we hiked from the other side then (Dansen).

On Blæjeskardtinden – aka Mørkevasstinden

After a short stay, we headed towards the northwest ridge. Here was also a hump called Tinden (1060m) and we were now leaving the Volda – Vanylven border and were heading back into Volda.

Leaving Blæjeskardtinden

We had one more hump to pass – Skorretehornet (935m) before reaching the Sandfjelltuva pass.

Skorretehornet below us

This ridge was a bit steep near the top of Skorretehornet, but a marked route guided us safely down the mountain.

Looking back on Skorretehornet

And then we could take on the ridge up to Sandfjelltuva.

Sandfjelltuva ahead

I had been to Sandfjelltuva before also – back in 2010 with Anne. As such, this was a new top for Karma.

On Sandfjelltuva

It was tempting to include Blæja – the highest top in Vanylven – also. But as this was a post-work hike, I had to restrain myself. I wanted to get back home in time to catch dinner before bedtime…

Blæja (left)

That said, I had no rush to get back home. It was just darn nice being up here…

Layer upon layer of tops

We found a marked route that took us down from Sandfjelltuva and into the inner part of Sandfjelldalen valley.

Descending Sandfjelltuva

But eventually, we went off-trail – setting a direct course for Skorene – aka Skruvethornet.

Skorene to the left

There wasn’t much water to be found on our ridge walk, so I let Karma decide how long she wanted to stay in the river.

Make it count!

And a bit later, we were on top of Skorene.

On top of Skorene

We returned to the trailhead via the Skorevatna lakes. When we got back to the car, I felt really, really happy about this walk. It was just super-fun! And we were back home before bedtime, catching a well-deserved dinner…

Back home, looking out the window…

Trip statistics: 9,6km, 960 vertical meters, 3h:04m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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