Beautiful summer days…

Happy dog, happy dad…


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
26.06.23 Målegge 1461m 171m Vang, Norway FP MAP
26.06.23 Loppebolegge 1444m 154m Vang, Norway FP MAP
27.06.22 Vardaheii 900m 69m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP
28.06.23 Gotdalsnipa 1249m 260m Sunnfjord, Norway FP MAP
29.06.23 Skarphornet 698m 195m Volda, Norway WCP MAP
30.06.23 Kongsvollen 683m 200m Hareid/Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
01.07.23 Øyrahornet 417m 42m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
01.07.23 Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/Sande, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
01.07.23 Nonshornet 485m 7m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
02.07.23 Svartefjellet 1327m 118m Stranda/Stryn, Norway FP MAP

Målegge (1461m), Loppebolegge (1441m), June 26 2023


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Vardaheii (900m), June 27 2023

The route

Tuesday: I was still in Sogndal, and I figured it was due time for visiting Vardaheii for the first time in 2023 and drove up to Dalåker. The trailhead had been upgraded with information since the last time I was here.

Information about Breisete Naturreservat

I simply LOVE this forest…

It’s SO nice here!

On this trip, I was keen on getting some new tracks on my GPS map. We followed the tractor road in the direction of Hungerhaug for a while, before I wanted to go off-trail.

Off-trail in the Kaupanger forest

For a while, I didn’t really know exactly where we were, but I had strong faith in that our “general direction” was good, which it turned out to be. After a while, we topped out on point 854m (not marked on the map), south of Vardaheii.

On point 854m

It was another hot day, and finally Karma got a chance to satisfy her thirst…

Make it count…

And then we reached Vardaheii.

On top of Vardaheii. Store Haugmelen in the background

Any plans I had about a longer hike was put to rest. For our return, we followed the regular path.

At the cairn. But this is NOT the highest point up here!

Then I had to take a picture that at least would give me 1 LIKE on Facebook – from Anne (Park Ranger)…

Smile to mommy!

It was a really nice round-trip hike! And I look forward to returning to this forest!

View towards Storehaugfjellet

Trip statistics: 8,3km, 590 vertical meters, 2h:14m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Gotdalsnipa (1249m), June 28 2023

Gotdalsnipa comes into view

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Skarphornet (698m), June 29 2023

The route

Thursday: I was now back home on Sunnmøre but was quite “fed up” by the local mountains after the painting sticks project earlier in the month. So, this afternoon I drove to Volda to hike Skarphornet.

“Where the heck are we?”

Instead of following the gravel road to Botnasætra (the normal route), I decided to follow a forest path just to the east of the gravel road. But first, we had to get through “sheep land”…

Guys – dog alert!

I had only hiked this forest path once before, and so I hadn’t gotten “bored” with it yet.

On the forest path

A bit up the forest, we passed an adjacent biking trail. I took a look at it and decided that I would never bike here. This is way above my biking skills

Bikers are crazy people!

Then the forest got way steeper before the path topped out on the gravel road near Botnasætra.

Forest getting steeper

We continued to the start of the north ridge, with Koppefjellet in the background – visited less than 2 weeks earlier.

Towards the north ridge

It was almost pleasing to see fog on top of almost all the surrounding mountains – even on Rotsethornet – which is lower than Skarphornet.

Observing fog on lower tops

No fog on Skarphornet…

Towards Skarphornet

And then we were up…

On top of Skarphornet
Panorama view from Skarphornet

We continued down the south ridge, following the path halfway down. I’ve never quite figured out this path and ended up off-trail once again before reaching the pass between Hornet and Skarphornet.

Down the south ridge

Next up was the valley and lake Horndalsvatnet.

Lake Horndalsvatnet

I thought I had done all possible routes in this area, but this didn’t really feel familiar at all. The descent into the valley was steep, and it didn’t help that the path was overgrown. If it hadn’t been for markers in the trees, we would have a problem in getting down.

Holy cow…

But eventually, we reached the meadow below.

Finally! Descent was to the right on this picture

Karma had deserved to hang out in the lake for a little while…

Take your sweet time!

And then we moved on towards lake Rotevatnet and our starting point.

Let’s go home!

When I got home, I opened my map of GPS tracks and sure enough – I had no tracks in this valley. Until today…

Trip statistics: 10,5km, 700 vertical meters, 2h:47m

Kongsvollen (683m), June 30 2023

The route

Friday: I was now a little “fed up” with both my local mountains and driving altogether. But when I discovered that I hadn’t been to Kongsvollen (Hareidlandet island) this year, I made an exception for my local mountains…


Hiking along the ridge is always fun. It’s just the part of getting there that is a bit tedious. But today, I decided that it wasn’t and had a nice hike.

Melshornet (Hareid)

Once on the ridge, I could enjoy taking pictures of mountains I knew quite well. Like the “Vartdal peaks”.

Bergehornet, Grøthornet and Liahornet

The hike across the ridge could begin!

Ridge – here we come!

Bukketrappa” is both steep and not really steep. There are ropes that you can hold on to, but I’m always able to hike up and down without using my hands at all.

Karma in the lower part of “Bukketrappa”

I’ve been thinking about exploring routes on this mountain for a long time and promised myself that I should start doing so – anytime soon.

The final, steep section before the summit

And then we were up!

On top of Kongsvollen

It seemed to be a good choice to go here, because all the high tops on Gurskøy island were wrapped in fog…

Fog on Gurskøy

We sat out to return the same way we came up, but once done with the steep sections, we went off-trail and aimed directly for lake Løsetvatnet. This is a steep and slippery route, and one should expect to get ticks

The forest we descended (in the middle)

I had never been on this side of the lake before and decided to follow the south side of the lake. After a while, we joined the path from/to Ringstadbotnen. I don’t know what’s there, but promised myself to find out one day…

Along lake Løsetvatnet – on a side I was not familiar with…

Trip statistics: 8,3km, 560 vertical meters, 2h:15m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Øyrahornet (417m), Sollia (661m), Nonshornet (485m), July 1 2023

The route

Saturday: I had only one route left of my repainting sticks project, and that was between Nonshornet and Tjørvåg. I could of course just hike up Nonshornet and paint my way down the forest, but there wasn’t a whole lot of fun in that, and I started to look for a more fun round-trip hike. So, I decided to hike to Øyrahornet, across Rumpene and hike to Sollia via Konebrekkmyra – a place I hadn’t been before. Then I would hike from Sollia to Nonshornet and start painting. That sounded like a fun route on a hot and sunny day.

Heading for Øyrahornet

Instead of following the path along Øyraelva river, we hiked *in* the river. There wasn’t a whole lot of water and Karma appreciated the opportunity to drink whenever she wanted to…

Happy dog!

Next followed the usual “ritual” on Øyrahornet

The classic bench view

Eventually we got to the point where we would leave the marked route towards Slettheia and aim for Konebrekkmyra.

Turning left here

The terrain wasn’t as awful as I had feared it could be. Worst are the turfs that don’t carry your weight and there are holes between them…

OK terrain…

But it was nice to get up on the ridge and get firmer ground under our feet…

Don’t be surprised if it rains on you, but not on me…

A bit later, we were on top of Sollia.

Panorama view from Sollia

After a short stay, we descended to Nonshornet where the painting session would begin.

Nonshornet below

Karma knows the drill

@ work…

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of shade for her, but I hope she had a good time hanging out with daddy… And now the summer repainting project was officially over! I think that would call for a beer (or two) in the evening…

A hot and nice day!

Trip statistics: 12,7km, 815 vertical meters, 4h:19m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Svartefjellet (1327m), July 2 2023

Approaching the top of Svartefjellet

This trip is featured on a separate post

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