Målegge, Loppebolegge, June 26 2023

Returning to lake Tyin

Jotunheimen peaks


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
26.06.23 Målegge 1461m 171m Vang, Norway MAP
26.06.23 Loppebolegge 1444m 154m Vang, Norway MAP

Monday: I was still on “a roll” after the many nice, recent hikes. As I was still in Sogndal, and as the weather was still OK, I decided to finish work a little earlier than usual and drive back to up lake Tyin to hike Målegge and Loppebolegge – picking up from where we left off on Horntinden a few days ago.

The route

I parked somewhere between Lortevikodden and Målnesodden (along lake Tyin) and headed up a gravel road, leading towards the uppermost cabin.

Up the gravel road

Then we went off-trail. It was supposed to rain later this afternoon, but I had a strong feeling that the forecast wasn’t accurate…

Uhm… let’s just prepare for anything…

And sure enough, it started to pour down. And combined with the wind, it was unpleasant. I was soaking wet within minutes…

Not so nice to be here now…

On the below picture, everything looks alright, but it was so unpleasant that I considered aborting the mission.

The NW part of the Målegge ridge

But then the rain shower passed, and everything was honky dory again.

Back to “all good” again…

Eventually, we reached the top of Målegge. We had Horntinden in the background, visited 2 days ago.

On top of Målegge

We had also pretty good views

Panorama view from Målegge

Next up was Loppebolegge. What a name. I freely translated it to “flea nest ridge”.

Towards Loppebolegge

We descended towards lake Grytetjernet before crossing just below the Målegge – Loppebolegge pass.

Happy dog on snow…

The ascent to Loppebolegge was all off-trail.

Heading towards Loppebolegge

A bit later, the second top for the day was “in the bag”.

On top of Loppebolegge

I was quite happy about this. For more than 20 years, the goal was 100 new pf100 tops annually, and I always met my goal. Until the pandemic. After that, I settled down on 50 new pf100 tops per year and my 2023 count was now 20. A perfect number just before the summer vacation. I hoped that the number was 50 when the summer vacation was over. Any new tops in the autumn would be a pure bonus…


We sat course for lake Målnestjernet for our descent. The plan was to hike along the north side of the lake.

Aiming for lake Målnestjernet

But when I discovered that the lake had an “arm” towards the west, we stayed on the south side

Passing lake Målnestjernet

And after a little while, our starting point came into view. All in all, a good way to spend a Monday afternoon…

Looking down on our trailhead

Trip statistics: 10,8km, 680 vertical meters, 2h:37m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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