Bukkaholten, Blånipa, Troget, June 25 2023

Just epic…

Rising high above Bøyadalen


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
25.06.23 Bukkaholten 1524m 154m Sogndal, Norway MAP
25.06.23 Blånipa west top 1457m 50m Sogndal, Norway MAP
25.06.23 Blånipa 1470m 106m Sogndal, Norway MAP
25.06.23 Point 1441m 1441m 51m Sogndal, Norway MAP
25.06.23 Troget 1556m 236m Sogndal, Norway MAP

The route

Sunday: When 2023 is summarized, this ski-trip will most likely stand out as the #1 ski-trip. I had been thinking about this round-trip in the outskirts of the Jostedalsbreen glacier for many years and today I got the opportunity!

Anne was quite happy about the hiking on Friday and Saturday and proposed that I’d go on a trip of my own, while she looked after Karma. My thoughts immediately went to these tops. The only question was – should I go hiking or should I bring my mountain skis? I chose to bring the skis, having a strong feeling that it would be worth while carrying them 1000 meters up the mountain.

Blånipa (left) seen on my way to the trailhead. The ascent went a bit further to the right of Blånipa

I found parking on the south side just before the eastern entrance to the Fjærlandstunnelen tunnel. I’ve passed this parking hundreds of times without knowing about it. But now that Anne told me what to look for, I was prepared!

Bøyabreen seen from the trailhead

The signpost to follow was “Kvitevardane”. Those were humps on the high ridge, but I didn’t plan to pass them on this trip. The forest was dense, the path was slightly challenging to follow (due to high grass). Taking a pause was impossible due to insect attacks…

A 1300m ascent ahead of me…

But – seeing Blånipa above made my motivation stay super-high! One thing was for sure, I had my work cut out!

Blånipa, high above

Then I passed “Andersbenken” – a bench in memory of Anders J. Bøyum – a local mountain legend, whom I had the pleasure to meet a few years ago.


The path switched back and forth on ridges and became sort of predictable after a while. That said, it would be impossible to get up or down this mountain without this path.

At 930m, I reached snow. Now was the time to pull out my new, light mountain skis with short skins.


I have to admit there were a lot of switchbacks in the beginning… But holy cow – how delightful!

Aiming for the high ridge

After a while, I reached the high ridge and could set my focus on the first top – Bukkaholten.

Bukkaholten ahead

From Bukkaholten, I had a good view towards my next goal – Blånipa. This top looks impressive from the valley, but not so much from this angle. That said, the ridge was supposedly sharp in places. I looked forward to getting over there and see for myself.


I did enjoy the view towards the southwest. I had been to most – if not all – on these tops. Been there, done that!

Familiar tops, all around

Back to Blånipa – I decided to ski as far as I could and hike from there.

Approaching Blånipa

I passed the west top and could see for myself that the main ridge was indeed sharp in places. Fortunately, there were ways to get around the roughest part of the ridge on the right-hand side. That said, I was sort of glad Karma wasn’t here. I would have gotten her up, but with some … guidance

The ridge to Blånipa

From Blånipa, I could enjoy the valley views in full!

View from Blånipa

Now the question was, should I also visit Troget? This trip was already long and hard and strenuous, but just the thought of making this ascent one more time – just for Troget? Nah, I would definitely visit that top too!

Troget seen from Blånipa – left of the narrow ridge

I went across the Blånipa ridge, and then skiing up to point 1441m, where the number of vertical meters down to the Troget pass took me by surprise. I had thought this was just a “bump in the road”, but I had to descend more than 100 meters.

Looking back on point 1441m

And then I could begin the climb towards Troget

Troget next…

What I didn’t realize, was that this high ridge was leading all the way to Jostefonn, visited in 2004 and still being one of the most memorable ski-trips I’ve ever done.

Jostefonn seen from Troget

When I reached the top, I “treated myself” with a proper panorama picture from the top.

It was tempting to spend time on putting names on all the tops, but the backlog is just way too big already…

View from Troget

It was due time for returning. I skied down from Troget, and partly up to point 1441m and then carrying the skis to the top. Then followed another short ski-descent to the pass between Bukkaholten and Blånipa.

Exciting terrain – all around!

I was now crossing my old tracks – which had started to faint due to the high temperature. I stayed at 1480m elevation, instead of skiing across Bukkenibba.

I didn’t think about selfies, so this picture with my shadow will have to do…

Eventually, I rejoined my ascent route and hoped that my tracks were visible all the way to the point where I put the skis on. They weren’t really, but I could see bits and pieces of them, enough to locate the point where I came up on foot.

Leaving the picture series with the same view as the opening picture…

It wasn’t hard to follow the path down the forest. It was well marked (red paint) and I put in enough focus to not wander astray.

Eventually, I was back at the car – incredibly happy about the trip and looked forward to returning to Anne and Karma. And when Anne had prepared dinner, served outside, the day couldn’t be better. Or could it? Was there a cold beer in the fridge? Yes? OK, then the day definitely couldn’t be better!  

Happy man sitting here…

Trip statistics: 23,9km, 2160 vertical meters, 7h:52m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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