A very nice ridge walk…


Veslvassfjellet, seen from Trollhøe (2015)


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
17.07.23 Veslvassfjellet 1192m 194m Vågå, Norway MAP

The route

Monday: When we checked out from Gjendesheim after a content-rich weekend, we had agreed to continue to northern Norway. Which was the main goal anyway. The question was if we were to hang out much further south in southern Norway, due to the mediocre weather – here and in the north.

The plan was to drive to Trøndelag county and find accommodation there, before continuing north the next day. But as the weather forecast indicated rain in the afternoon, we decided to do the “daily hike” already before leaving the Vågå region.

The choice fell on Veslevassfjellet – which seemed like a nice and easy hike. We chose Nordigard as the trailhead and were happy about the cows being on the other side of the fence.

Good cows…

A signpost guided us towards the path, and we looked forward to a nice hike up the (long) ridge.

Found the path!

This was the type of terrain we all enjoyed.

On our way to Veslvassfjellet

After a while, the ridge turned rocky and was even more fun to hike.

On the ridge to Veslvassfjellet

After a little while, we reached the top. Pf100 top #4 on our journey so far…

On top of Veslvassfjellet

Upon descent, we started out by following the path that runs down to the lake near Kolbeint.

Heading down from Veslvassfjellet

But it didn’t take long before we decided to go for a short-cut through the forest.

Going off-trail

The forest part was fun…

Short-cut through the forest

Once we reached the road that we drove on our way to the trailhead, I suggested that Anne & Karma could sit tight and wait for me, while I jogged the remaining 1,2km back to the car.

Finally – the car!

A bit later, we were on our way to Trøndelag. The master of accommodations – Anne – booked us in to Falstadsenteret in Verdal. Excellent! Now we had a place to stay for the night.

The name didn’t really indicate that this was a hotel, but we looked forward to getting to know this place a bit better.

Approaching Trondheim, I asked Anne if she was interested in a detour to lake Jonsvatnet, where I spent some time during summers when I was a child. My grandmother was from the Jervan farm. She was interested, and the name (Jonsvatnet) rang a bell. Then she remembered that her former boss – Kari – had moved there. As it turned out, these two places were as good as neighbors.

We went to Jervan first, where the current owners – Rakel and Laurentius – welcomed us. We had a nice talk, as they know some of my relatives.

A nice visit to the place where I spent many summers as a child

Then we moved on a little bit down the road and gave Kari and Torgeir a big surprise when we rang the doorbell. We were invited in for coffee and was given a tour of the small farm.

Certainly a place to relax and enjoy your hobbies!

Very idyllic!

There was a LOT of flowers at this farm

And Karma got a new “friend” in Balto – super-excited to get a new buddy at the farm…

Karma!!!! Come here!

After this somewhat spontaneous and very nice detour to Jonsvatnet, we moved on to Verdal and Falstadsenteret. All I knew was this used to be a prison camp during WW2 and when we got there, that’s the immediate association I got as well. The front yard was packed with seagulls. Which I found, to be very unusual for a hotel…

At Falstadsenteret

But the inside of the place was indeed nice and so was the room (we hauled our luggage through the back door so we wouldn’t disturb the gulls). The only problem was that it was way too hot inside, and the windows only opened a little bit. How convenient wasn’t it that I had a screwdriver. And for the record, we left the window in pristine order, just as it was when we came…

Trip statistics: 6,5km, 330 vertical meters, 1h:21m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike & trip:

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