Griningsdalskampen, Øvre Gålhaugen, Nordre Brurskardknappen, July 16 2023

Instead of Besseggen…

Anne on Griningsdalskampen


Date Peak Height PF Location MAP
16.07.23 Griningsdalskampen 1331m 209 Vågå, Norway MAP
16.07.23 Øvre Gålhaugen 1020m 50m Vågå, Norway MAP
16.07.23 Nordre Brurskardknappen 1464m 154m Vågå, Norway MAP

Griningsdalskampen (1331m), July 16 2023

The route

Sunday: This is a continuation of our weekend by lake Gjende. On Saturday, we hiked from Gjendebu to Memurubu, via Bukkelægret. The plan for this Sunday was to hike across Besseggen, but due to miserable weather conditions, at least at that elevation, we cancelled the hike and took the boat back to Gjendesheim.

Tordis and Geir were leaving, while Anne and I would spend one more night at Gjendesheim. When Anne and I asked them if they wanted to come along to hike Griningsdalskampen, they said gladly yes. This was a top they had been talking about, and the weather was probably not that bad at 1300m.


At Nedre Sjodalsvatnet, we took the Griningsdalsvegen, Tessanden toll road (NOK 80, – pay within 48 hours) and parked in the junction (near Kampen) at the foot of the mountain.

On our way along the Kampen road

We followed the road towards Kampen for 50m and then got onto the forest path. The path was easy to follow and went straight up the mountain.

On the mountain path

We didn’t escape the rain, but it wasn’t all bad (as we had hoped) and were a merry bunch on top of Griningsdalskampen.

On Griningsdalskampen

We were in no rush to leave…

View from Griningsdalskampen

But eventually, we headed down the path and said goodbye to Tordis and Geir. Anne and I were on our own now. As we had booked one more night at Gjendesheim, we had to kill time in this area. I proposed that we could hike across Øvre Gålhaugen before returning to Gjendesheim. Anne was game!

Øvre Gålhaugen – the small top in center

Trip statistics: 2,7km, 330 vertical meters, 1h:06m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

Øvre Gålhaugen (1020m), July 16 2023

The route

Sunday: According to the map, the hike round-trip hike across Øvre Gålhaugen looked like a fun walk.

We parked by the café and followed the road for 100 meters before turning left onto the forest path.

Heading out from the café

It didn’t take long before we were standing on the “summit”.

On top of Øvre Gålhaugen

Both Anne and I like climbing in trees, so we spent a few minutes doing just that.

Karma is confused…

Then we continued in the direction of Gammelosen.

Moving on…

Just before reaching the lake, we found a most spectacular rock!


This rock stood tall due to balance and nothing else…

Please don’t…

After the hike, we went to the café and had the best waffles we’ve had in a mighty long time. They were so thin that we had to eat them with a teaspoon. Very unusual, but oh so tasty they were.


The “balance sheet” was even now. I got my walk and Anne got her café visit 😉

Trip statistics: 2km, 70 vertical meters, 0h:34m

Nordre Brurskardknappen (1464m), July 16 2023

The route

Sunday: As it was still early in the day, I managed to convince Anne to come along on one last hike. After two hikes, she seemed content. I said that if we’d hike Nordre Brurskardknappen, the total vertical gain today would match the Bessegen hike that we were supposed to do. She smiled at my pathetic attempt to get her to come along. But as she DID come along, maybe my sweet talk actually worked…

Nordre Brurskardknappen

We parked by the Knutshøe parking and followed the road 350m to the north – where the Brurskardtjønne path began.

Heading out. Knutshøe to the left

It wasn’t really much of a path, but the little there was, made the walk through the bush a little easier.

Not sure if we’re on the path or off-trail here…

Shortly after, a rain shower came moving in, quickly.


Time to dress accordingly…

Button up…

To our right, we could see Søre Brurskardknappen – visited back in 2011. On this Easter Vacation, we also skied Rasletinden (2105m)

Søre Brurskardknappen

The rain didn’t last very long, and we sat course for the south ridge.

“Come on, mommy. I’m not getting my treats until we’re all on top!”

And then we stood on our 3rd new pf100 top since we started our vacation! A great start!

On Nordre Brurskardknappen

The weather was indeed gloomy, so we kept our stay at the top to a minimum…

Let’s get off this mountain…

On the way down, we went off-trail, heading straight for the car. After checking into Gjendesheim, we got a different room from the one we had on Friday. This room was much bigger (2 sets of bunk beds) and as we could park the car at Gjendesheim, Karma got her bed back.

Installed in our room at Gjendesheim

Now it was time to discuss where to go the following day

Trip statistics: 4,3km, 335 vertical meters, 1h:21m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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