Høgskrova, June 26 2016

Lofoten, day 4 continued; Skrova island high point. 

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Høgskrova 258m 258m Vågan GPX
Crazy view from Høgskrova!

Summer vacation 2016 continued…

After the trip to Higravtinden earlier in the day, I made it to Svolvær harbor and the ferry to Skrova with a 2-minute margin. Given my whereabouts 20 minutes earlier, neither Anne, Anne-May nor Jan expected to see me onboard this ferry.

Higravtinden (left), where I came down from – not too long ago…


I was happy to see the others, I was happy there would be one more top today and I was overjoyed that I had been to Higravtinden. In short, it was a great afternoon!

Anne is happy to see me too! (Vågakallen in the background)

The ferry took us to Skrova island, and after leaving the ferry, we followed the main road northeast, past Langvågen. Then we followed Kuholmvegen across Risholmen before we turned left onto a gravel road along Kløvosen. After 0,2km we turned right onto the mountain path – well documented on this information board. From this point, it was 1,3km to the summit.

Excellent information!

We took it nice and easy upwards. We had plenty of time before the ferry came by again – sometime after 8pm. The path was easy to walk and there was even a rope to hold on to – in case the hillside got too strenuous.

Anne-May and Anne, on the way to Høgskrova

I reached the top a little ahead of the others and the view blew me away! I’m not going to come up with a bunch of meaningless adjectives, so I’ll let the summit view speak for itself…

Høgskrova summit view

The time was now 5:30pm and if we wanted to have dinner in Skrova before the ferry came, we had to move on. More hikers came up the mountain and at one point, it almost got “crowded”.

Celebrating the top of Skrova island

We returned to “downtown” Skrova and went to Skrovabrygga for dinner. The staff didn’t speak Norwegian, but that was hardly a surprise to anyone. But the food was nice! And the cold bear tasted like heaven. After all, it had quite a day…

Dinner at Skrovabrygga

After dinner, it was time get head to the harbor and wait for the ferry (from Skutvik) to take us back to Svolvær. This was our last evening in Lofoten and I felt bad about it. But we had still one more week of vacation, and who knew what the coming days would bring!

“Downtown” Skrova

Pictures from the trip: 


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