Fiskvågflåget, June 28 2016

Transport day

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality Location
Fiskvågflåget (Storflåget) 439m 126m Salten GPX

Summer vacation 2016 continued…

On the day Anne and I should have hiked Møysalen, the weather let us down and we decided skip the highest peak in Vesterålen this summer. We checked out of our apartment in Lødingen, went down to the ferry harbor and met Annes’s manager – Harald – which was on vacation in Lødingen and came down to let Karma meet Bello – an Italian waterdog. A very nice meeting!

Bello and Karma – Italian and French waterdogs

We then took the ferry to Bognes and sat course for Sandnessjøen. The new plan was to the high point on the islands Mindlandet, Tro and Hamnøya the next day.

But today was transport day, on the E6. Now and then, I kept looking for a mountain that wasn’t too high and too distant. In Fauske, I got myself a brand new Garmin GPS (64S). My old one (60CX) had a rough night out at the Higravtinden trailhead and did no longer recognize the memory card. Hence, no maps available.

We continued driving and when a bit north of Rognan, we noticed a top that wasn’t “too high or too distant”. Fiskvågflåget, 439m. Also known as Storflåget.

Fiskvågflåget / Storflåget

We searched the net for info, and found that there was a path from the roundabout in Rognan. We drew the conclusion that there is only one roundabout in Rognan…

Next to the roundabout, we found the trailhead and parking. There was also an information board and we learned that this top is locally referred to as “Storfloget”.

Trailhead info

We followed a well-worn path up the forest. It was steep at first, but after a while we no longer had to hike on our toes. It took us 35 minutes (in a fair pace) to reach the mailbox above Storfloget – which is the grand slab on the west side of the mountain.

Storflåget above Rognan

However, this was not the high point, and we continued to the top of the forest ridge – in wet grass and along a vague path. When we were at the point we assumed was the highest, a bolt provided the confirmation we needed.

On the very high point

We descended the same way we came up and was back at the car at 4:45 – 1h:15m after heading out. We still had a good drive ahead of us before we reached Sandnessjøen. Anne checked hotels along the way and we ended up booking a room at hotel Syv Søstre.

We arrived Sandnessjøen in the evening and checked into the hotel. I was looking forward to a hot shower, but there was only cold water left. I really, really hate washing my hair in cold water! My otherwise good mood dropped to rock bottom and when I called the reception but only got a stupid explanation about “many people in the hotel right now”. The only way to shake this bad mood off was to “write it off”. I was not in the mood to write this trip report then and there, but wrote a few lines on tripadvisor instead. That helped. Somewhat…

Of course, I had to check out the new functionality on my new GPS device, and although I’m a computer guy, I am NOT a nerd. Hence proved; after downloading a Garmin app to my Iphone, I tried to sync the GPS track from Storfloget over to my phone, but ended up with no tracks on the phone, and all my email notifications on the GPS! I hate synchronizations! Why can’t programmers tell me a) which way the damn thing is about to sync and b) if I still feel good about it?

A couple of beers seemed to improve my mental state of mind, and before I went to bed, I checked the shower. Warm water…

Hotel view in Sandnessjøen

Pictures from the hike:

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