Sætredalsfjellet, Sep 10 2017

Back again, one week later

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Sætredalsfjellet Sør 1482m 152m Stranda
Sætredalsfjellet 1526m 856m Stranda
Sætredalsfjellet – main summit


One week after visiting the neighbor peak Fivelstadnibba, I was back in Nibbedalen. This time to visit the two peaks on the Sætredalsfjellet massif, together with Karma.

On my Fivelstadnibba hike, I had seen a route up Sætredalsfjellet that didn’t seem to offer any problems. I planned to do the south top first, then the main top and then I would decide if I were to continue on the ridge, northbound, or go back the same way.

I left my car 11:30am and kept a good pace up the forest. I passed a family on their way to the local viewpoint at 650m, and they told me that my planned route was a good one.

My route, up and down Sætredalsfjellet

The mountain side above Sætredalen is steep, and concluded that skiing here can only be done in absolute safe conditions.

Steep ascent from Sætredalen

I had a good view towards Sætredalen and Fivelstadnibba. I realized that I was quite fortunate with my descent route one week ago. I could easily have run into problems with slabs and cliffs.

Sætredalen and Fivelstadnibba

When I got on the ridge, I was in for a surprise. The south top didn’t look straightforward at all! Having said that, it seemed that I could stay east of the north ridge and find easier terrain before reaching the east ridge.

Hmm… interesting…

But getting my dog up here seemed like a fun challenge, so I decided to try my luck on the north ridge. Heading straight on seemed a bit too challenging, so I stayed slightly to the east before traversing up to the center of the north ridge. It wasn’t very hard to find a good route, but memorizing for the descent was tougher…

On the north ridge. Hard to memorize the route.

Just as I thought I was up, there was one more hill to go. This one was of the more gentle sort…

The south summit ahead

The time was 1:20pm when we reached the top of the south top.

On the south top

The views were just great and I had a good view towards the main top. I was somewhat fed up with boulder by now, and the thought of following the ridge northbound was quickly dropped.

The main summit seen from the south top

We retraced our steps down the north ridge and continued up the ridge to the main summit.

View down to Hellesylt

We reached the high point at 2:07pm. Finally here! This top had been on my to-do list for years and years.

On the south top

It was pretty much the same views as I had from Fivelstadnibba, with the exception of Synnylvsmoldskreddalen;


After a short stay on top, we headed down the same ridge we came up, but didn’t go across point 1440m. The descent down the long mountain side was a bit cumbersome, and I actually missed the boulder.

Nice colors!

We returned to the car 3:20pm, less than 4 hours after leaving it. The vertical gain was 1400m and the total distance was 9,7km. All in all a great hike!

Pictures from the trip:

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