Godøya, Sep 16 2017

Another great day on Good Island

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Storhornet 497m 497m Giske
Lesten 398m 125m Giske
On top of Storhornet


This is Godøya (Good island), located just outside Ålesund on the northwest coast of Norway. Not so many years ago, you would need to take the ferry to get there, but thanks to 3 long tunnels, Ålesund is now connected with Godøya, in addition to the islands Vigra, Giske and Ellingsøya. The island has two prominent tops – Storhornet (497m) and Lesten (398m).

A hike on Godøya is one of my favorite activities, although I don’t get to do it as often as when I lived in Ålesund (2006-2008). Hiking the shore between Alnes and Gjuv is a beautiful trip – over constantly varying terrain. The likes of me enjoy also scrambling in the cliffs below Lesten. And if you have a tolerance for heights, go visit the rock “Johan Skytt” – just above Alnes.

The Johan Skytt rock

Today, I was just settling for a nice round trip hike across Storhornet and Lesten, while my girlfriend Anne (who broke her back two weeks earlier) would be a regular tourist at Alnes.

My route today

I started out from Alnes and soon learned that they had changed the trailhead since I last was here. The landowner reluctantly let me and Karma pass when he understood that I was not up to date.

Up by lake Alnesvatnet, I went to the left and paid Johan Skytt a visit. I was tempted to put Karma out there. She would have been perfectly still and it could have been a cool picture. But it was too windy, so I dropped the idea.

OK, just me out here today…

We continued up to the top and enjoyed the view. Godøya NEVER offers a boring hike. When it’s sunny, it’s just great to be here. When the weather’s bad, I always get a kick of being up here. I’ve had so many amazing hikes here…

Lake Alnesvatnet

The fun part is still the hike across Lesten, with the amazing cliffs. When it’s really windy, one has to be careful not to blow off the mountain. Today, THAT was not a problem…

ok – just stay put!

And Storhornet looks particularly good from this side…

Alnesvatnet and Storhornet

We continued the round and this time I headed down to the new, official trailhead. I sent a not-so-friendly thought to the person who created this “entry”.

Of course – who brings dogs on a hike anway…

I returned to Anne in a little less than 2 hours after leaving her. This 9,4km roundtrip offered 720 vertical meters.

Pictures from the hike: 


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  1. Beautiful! 30 years ago I was there with my parents but due to the weather and the immense smell of the seagulls shit, we didn’t go up there.
    This year I’ll be there in spring and summer so I definitively want to go up there to enjoy the hike and that views!

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