Rjåhornet, Dec 17 2017

Not according to plan…

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy WCP
Windy day on Rjåhornet…


The plan was that Anne and I would ski to Sollia (the highest top on Gurskøya) from Leikongsætra. Just as we headed out, we met a guy who told us that it was really windy up there. Oh well, what else is new…

After the initial transport leg from Leikongsætra, we reached the ridge leading up to the mountain. The wind was quite strong here, and Karma was already glaciated and struggled in deep snow. To our surprise, she showed signs of discomfort. We therefore agreed to cancel Sollia and aim for Rjåhornet instead. That would give us several options for aborting, while Sollia is more of the committing type of trip.

Plan B – Rjåhornet…

The trip to Rjåhornet across Sletteheidane was OK. We exposed ourselves to the wind, which meant less deep snow for Karma.

Karma doing OK here…

I was on top of Rjåhornet the day before, and had a memorable run down in stunning snow. But today, conditions were altogether different. Windpacked snow all around.

C’mon mommy…

I looked forward to the shelter provided by the cabins on Rjåhornet, but with this much wind, there’s so much turbulence that there is no real shelter up there. So after a short stay, we continued down in the direction of Leikong.

On top of Rjåhornet

The plan was to ski all the way home (across Nakken), and then Anne would drive me back to Leikongsætra – where I would pick up the car. But was we got to the Nakken junction, she realized that her car keys were in my car. Sigh…

On narrow skis, towards the Nakken junction

So, we skied down to Leikong, where she and Karma waited while I jogged back up to Leikongsætra. 2,3km and 160 vertical meters in Scarpa T4 boots is not my favorite kind of jogging. But eventually I got there and could drive back to Leikong to pick up the others.

The route

Pictures from the trip: 

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