Røsetåsen, Lyngstadfjellet, Mar 12 2017

A quick visit to the Fræna – Eide region

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Røsetåsen 449m 166m Fræna, Norway
Lyngstadfjellet (Gautviklihøgda) 360m 182m Eide, Norway
Variable skiing conditions on Nordmøre…


Rewinding back in mid-March 2017, when I took the drive up to Fræna and Eide on Nordmøre to “bag” a couple of new tops. I had singled out Røsetåsen in Fræna and Lyngsetåsen in Eide as candidates.


The route to Røsetåsen

It’s a fairly long drive from Gurskøy. Approx. 130km (and two ferries) to the Røsetåsen trailhead by Rødalselva. It wasn’t clear whether this would be a hike or a ski-trip, but I was prepared for both. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the view from the ferry to Molde.

Blåskjerdingen in the background

When I got to the Røsetåsen trailhead, it was NOT clear whether this would be a ski-trip or a hike. But eventually I  chose the skis.

Hmm… difficult choice

Karma and I followed a forest road upwards. In the beginning, I could have walked, but a bit higher up I was glad I chose the skis.

Definitely skiing terrain here

In a sharp left-hand curve at approx. 300m, we left the forest road and followed ski-tracks up to the west ridge. The weather was not bad and I enjoyed the views along the way…

On Røsetåsen’s east ridge

After approx. 2,5km of skiing, we reached the top and the time was only 1:20pm. Still enough time for one more top later on.

View from Røsetåsen

We returned the same we way we came and I recorded total skiing distance to be 4,9km.


The route to Lyngsetåsen

From Røsetåsen, I drove RV64 and then followed the road on the south side of Nåsavatnet. By Bollimyran, I turned left (west) onto the road towards Gådalsvatnet. My plan was to start by Skardsholt and get an easy start on the forest road starting there. This would definitely be a ski-trip.

My Lyngsetåsen trailhead

The forest road turned into an old tractor road where no tractor has been for many years. But it brought us closer to the mountain.

Eventually, we sat course north, through the forest, aiming for the high point.

On Lyngstadfjellet

There was less and less snow the closer we got to the top, and on the top there was hardly any snow at all.

On top of Lyngstadfjellet

The time was now 2:53pm, and I had reached my goal of two new mountain tops. We took the same route down and returned to the trailhead 3:17pm after 3,8km of skiing.

Gurskøy now seemed quite far away, but the drive is altogether much easier with two new tops “in the bag”

Sunnmøre and Romsdal peaks seen from Molde

Pictures from the trips:


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