Hovde, June 17 2018

Summer vacation in eastern Norway, day 3

My route to Hovde

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Hovde 763m 225m Nordre Land, Norway

Continued from day 2. Continued on day 4.

Hovde (763m)

Sunday, and our last full day with our friends Eva and Bjørn in Scheeskroken near Hov, Randsfjorden. They all know my obsession for reaching my annual goal of 100 new tops, so it was just obvious to them that I had to take the dogs for a walk to a top I hadn’t been to before.

The list of new tops (they have to be at least 100 meters of prominence, aka 100m drop on all sides) is gradually getting shorter and shorter in this region, but I still hadn’t been to Hovde – a bit of north of Dokka. And it wouldn’t be a long drive either – approx half an hour.

I decided to approach Hovde from the northwest – mostly along a forest road. From Dokka, I took the road on the east side of the river with the same name and parked the car where the forest road – Rogndalsvegen – began.

I started out with both dogs on leash, but that was hopeless when I tried to take pictures at the same time. They switched sides every 30 seconds. I ended up with Turte on leash and Karma off. Karma would never take off and even if there were sheep on the road, she would walk straight past them without looking at them. And that’s a fact. We’ve done it numerous times. And even if a deer suddenly crossed the road in front of us, Karma would not run if I said “NO!”. In short, no animals would be in danger on this hike…

OK, this is how it will be…

The forest road was 3,4km an altogether boring. When I came to a harvested area, I got some views across the valley and that was the only views we had on this hike.

View from the forest road

The forest road turned into a tractor road which lasted 0,4km. From here it was off-trail, but of the relatively easy kind. And eventually, we reached the high point on Hovde.

On top of Hovde

On the way down, I tried to jog as much as possible. I looked forward to get back to Hov, to Anne and our friends.

In the evening, we got a visit from Steffen (Anne’s cousin) and Anne. After a nice evening, Anne (my girlfriend) and I  invited all four (Eva, Bjørn, Steffen and Anne) to Sunnmøre this autumn. We look forward to see them up here on the Norwegian coastline!

Trip statistics: 8,7km, 350 vertical meters, 1,5h.

Pictures from the hike:

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