Turrtind and Bergevassknotten, June 16 2018

Summer vacation in eastern Norway, day 2

The good life on Turrtind

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Turrtind 941m 148m Nordre Land, Norway
Bergevassknotten 920m 122m Nordre Land, Norway

Continued from day 1. Continued on day 3.

Base-camp Scheeskroken with our friends Eva & Bjørn. Karma seemed very happy to be with mom and dad again (we had been away from her while we were on Rhodes) and Turte – her sister that we would take care of while her owners were on vacation – took life easy. Like she always does.

Eva was working today, but Bjørn had the day off and I looked at the map to find an interesting hiking goal. Turrtind came up as the perfect candidate. This is one of the highest tops between Nordsinni and Spåtind, and with exception of a ski-trip to Kollhaugen in 2016 (with Anne and Eva), this was a new region to me.

Spåtind seen from Turrtind

We drove to Tollevsrud and took the road towards Dalby/Rønningen (1,6km) where paid toll (NOK 40,-) and continued on the Laenvegen toll road.

7km later (on an OK forest road) we reached the end of the road at Øyangsbekken.

Getting ready for Turrtind

We followed the path towards lake Øyangen, but forked right on another path before reaching the lake. This path would take us to lake Brandsrudvatnet, which was NOT where we planned to go, so we went off-trail towards lake Killingvatnet after 0,7km.

Lake Killingvatnet

At the lake, none of the dogs wanted to swim. I threw a stick in the water. Karma felt obligated to fetch it. Turte decided to stay put after barely touching water.

Cooling off in Killingvatnet

We continued to lake Bryntjernet and shortly after, we stood on top of Turrtind. This was a really cool top. Only the final few meters were above the tree line, but just enough to give us some great views. In Norwegian, we call the mountain above the tree line for “snaufjell“. I nominated Turrtind as a candidate for Norway’s smallest “snaufjell”.

On top of Turrtind

We took a different route down. From the top, we followed a visible path to the eastern end of lake Bryntjernet, then along the same path between Bryntjernet and Killingvatnet and down to Øyangsætra – where we followed the main path back to the parking.

Towards Øyangsætra. Nice day and nice colors…

It was a really nice hike. All of us enjoyed it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bjørn took Eva up there one day…

The route

Trip statistics: 4,7km, 220 vertical meters, 1h:50min.

Pictures from the hike:


Bergevassknotten (920m)

The route up and down Bergevassknotten, from FV250

After the Turrtind hike, Bjørn returned to Hov while Anne and I drove across the river Dokka and got on FV250 towards Vingrom. We had time to one short hike before Eva finished work and dinner time.

We drove to Dokkfløylegga to hike Bergevassknotten. It would be a short hike – 1,2km to the top. We parked close to FV250 and followed the road towards Vestre Knotten.

On the road to Vestre Knotten.

After the second cabin on our right-hand side, we went towards the forest ridge and found a path running up the forest.

On the forest ridge towards Bergevassknotten

After a little while, we could claim one of the easiest tops this summer. Some tough, some easy. It will balance out…

Turte, Anne and Karma on Bergevassknotten

We returned the way we came and drove back our “base-camp” in Hov, ready for nice evening with our friends Eva and Bjørn.

Trip statistics: 2,4km, 130 vertical meters, 45mins.

Pictures from the hike:

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