Haldorpiggen, Fjellmillompiggen, June 22 2018

Summer vacation in eastern Norway, day 8


Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Haldorpiggen 1119m 506m Sel, Norway
Gråhøe 1040m 52m Sel, Norway
Fjellmillompiggen 1140m 57m Sel, Norway

Continued from day 7. Continued on day 9.

Haldorpiggen (1119m)


Friday, and our last full day at Mysusæter and Rondane Høyfjellshotell. I had already visited the tops surrounding Mysusæter (Ranglarhøe, Kåsen and Vålåsjøberget) and we had been to Veslesmeden too.

Anne was keen on going up to Kåsen, and I wanted a new top. Hence, I had to leave Mysusæter.  I decided to go to Haldorpiggen  – only 9km to the west, but the access route was much, much longer. But first, time to relax the muscles…

A nice way of starting the day…

I drove down to Otta and found a toll road (NOK 40,-) up Kleivrudåsen. The road seemed to never end, but 11,5km after leaving RV15, I reached my starting point for Haldorpiggen. I could have driven yet another 0,6km, but I wasn’t looking for the shortest hike possible.

Our Haldorpiggen trailhead

I had brought Karma and Turte (Karma’s sister – that we were looking after for a week) and found the Haldorpiggen signpost. There was a path going up to the top, which was only 1,2km away.

The Haldorpiggen trailhead

Not much of a hike, but it was a new top, and getting closer to my annual goal of 100 new tops. I was really on a roll and as things looked now, I would reach that goal before the summer was over.

Very windy on Haldorpiggen

We took a parallel route down, mixed on and off-trail.

The road across the mountain, incl. the Haldorpiggen hike

Trip statistics: 3,6km, 140 vertical meters, 40 minutes

Pictures from the hike:


Andershøe (1027m) – Not visited

While on this massif, I figured I could hike Andershøe too. So I continued westbound on the mountain road, which was really poor at times. I worried about a flat tire. Getting a service car up here would certainly take its time…

When I got to Ruste, private roads prevented me from getting closer to the mountain, and I decided to give up on the idea.

Veggemskampen (1014m)


But, I didn’t give up the notion of another new top, so I continued on the mountain road, eventually got down to Sel and followed the E6 back to Otta. Here, I found the road parallel to RV15, but on the south side of the river and headed for Veggem and Veggemskampen.

A toll road would take me all the way to Myromsætre, and from here, the hike up the mountain shouldn’t take long.

But it was a very windy day, and after paying the toll fee on Veggumsvegen, I was worried that I could run into a fallen tree. I passed a lot of debris from bush on the road down to to Sel, and … well, I tend to worry about details. Worse than running into a fallen tree on the way up, would be to run into a fallen tree on the way down. That would take considerable time. Fortunately, I ran into a fallen tree on my way UP and turned around immediately and return to Mysusæter.

Veggemskampen – another day…

Fjellmillompiggen (1140m)


It was still early in the day when I returned to Mysusæter and I told Anne that I would do a quick hike up to Fjellmillompiggen. It wasn’t on my A-list of peaks that count as NEW, but it still looked like a nice hike. And the dogs deserved a good walk after hours on the road.

We walked from the hotel and followed the path towards Raphamn/Gråhø.

Leaving the hotel

We followed a well worn path up to a trig. point (1023m) and continued up to Gråhøe (1050m).

Gråhøe trig. point

From here, we continued southwest and when I got Fjellmillompiggen in view, I realized that this would be a MUCH longer hike than I had anticipated. But, I didn’t want to turn around now.

The dogs got something to focus on…

We followed a ridge down to a valley and proceeded off-trail up the mountain. Eventually, we reached the top, and I decided NOT to return the same way.

On top of Fjellmillompiggen

From the top, I followed a path northbound and this path led us back to the starting point, close to the hotel.

The route

With respect to the dogs, my conscience was now quite good, and I looked forward to our last dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow, we would go back to western Norway, and our vacation together would be over. Anne could report from a nice bike trip and hike up Kåsen and we concluded that we had really become acquainted with the Mysusæter area.

Farewell to Rondane Høyfjellshotell

Trip statistics: 6,7km, 390 vertical meters, 1h:45m

Pictures from the hike:


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