Blåskjerdingen, July 4 2018

Back after 10 years…

Blåskjerdingen (13.03.2018)

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location Wcp
Skjerdingen 1061m 51m Haram, Vestnes, Norway WCP
Blåskjerdingen 1069m 771m Haram, Norway WCP

Blåskjerdingen is the highest top in Haram municipality, and is a mountain top I’ve been to many times. From most sides, too. But now it had been 10 years since my last visit, and I looked forward to be up there again.

A small challenge would be to get the dog to the highest point. I couldn’t remember exactly how steep it was, but it was definitely steep. I had mentioned this to a colleague, who told me that he always brought his dog there. The clue was to seek further left from the normal route.

The route

After work, I drove to Vatne and up the valley to the trailhead between Krogsætra and Reset. On my way up the tractor road, I could see that I wasn’t on the path on my GPS map. But I hoped that I would end up on the forest path, which I eventually did.

The trailhead

Again, another really hot day, and Karma was “all tongue”.

This was yet another HOT day…

The forest part didn’t bring back any memories (I’ve been to more than 1000 different mountains since the last time I was here, so …) but the mountain part did.

The boulder before the plateau

We kept a steady pace up the mountain and reached the Skjerdingen top (1061m) 1h:15m after leaving the trailhead. All the small cairns on top still annoyed me. If there is fog, dozens of small cairns in all directions are NOT helpful…

Karma on Skjerdingen. Blåskjerdingen in the background.

Next up was Blåskjerdingen. The route to the saddle is steep and caution was called for. The first part of the ascent to Blåskjerdingen went OK, but then I ran into a hurdle which was too awkward for the dog. The advice was to “go left“, so I looked for an alternative route, and found one.

Normal route just right of center. My alternative route in the upper section was just left of center

Now we were just below the top, and the direct route was a no-go for the dog. I didn’t even consider it. Later, I heard from someone who had taken their two dogs down this route. Poor dogs, I say.

Go left if you don’t want to scramble up here

But again, there is an easier route to the left and soon we were on top of the highest top in Haram. A nice revisit for me, and a new peak for Karma.

On top of Blåskjerdingen

The views are definitely not bad from up here!

Coastal view

After a nice stay, it was time to head back down. I had a LONG drive home to Gurskøy. But below the steep, direct route to the top, I parked Karma and went up and down the direct route for fun and good measure…

Daddy will soon be down…

We returned to the car 3h:25m after leaving. It will definitely not be 10 years until I return.

While waiting for the ferry at Sulesund, this cruise ship passed by…

Safe journey…

Trip statistics: 9,3km, 925 vertical meters, 3h:25mins

Pictures from the hike:

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