Litledalshornet, July 3 2018

In the outskirts of Dalegubben

Litledalshornet in center

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Location
Litledalshornet 1312m 52m Ørsta, Norway

Dalegubben is a prominent peak in the Sunnmørsalpane mountain range, and has some cool satellite tops – like Lynghalstinden, Holmshornet and Litledalshornet.

I didn’t know much about Litledalshornet, but based on the little I had heard, it should be fully possible for me and Karma to reach the top. That’s all I need to give it a go.

I look forward to see Litledalen (also known as Aklestaddalen, I believe). I had heard it is beautiful and now was the time to find out. Close to Sæbø, I took the Holebrauta exit, then turned right and drove up to Heimste-Holen. The road looked closed (electrical fence across the road) but a local woman said I could drive up to the barn.

Litledalshornet (left) seen from Bondalsvegen road

From the barn, we (Karma and I) followed a tractor road upwards, passed another sheep fence and got on the forest path. Karma was not in shape. I thought it was because of the warm weather. But after throwing up, she seemed better.


Above the forest, we had a surreal landscape ahead of us…

Oh my! This is gorgeous!

Just after passing Holkonvatnet, we left the path (which continues to the Høgreset pass and descends into Nøvedalen) and headed towards Litledalshornet. It seemed that we had a STEEP ascent ahead of us…

Towards the ridge…

Instead of aiming for where the south ridge begins, we headed straight up the mountain. It was a tough ascent for both of us. But eventually, we made it up to the ridge.

I know what you mean…

Everywhere I turned my head, there was something to see. Either it was a helicopter

Helicopter with Kolåstinden in the background

… or it was fantastic landscapes…

The village Sæbø and Hjørundfjorden

First, we came to a big cairn and a mailbox. I guess most people turn around here. But this was clearly not the high point, so we continued up the ridge. 120m to the north, we came to another cairn, which I thought was the high point. But then I noticed yet another higher point 60m further north. When I got there, I didn’t take Karma to the rock on top, as that was WAY too exposed for her.

What I thought was the true high point (above Karma)
View from the rock on the previous picture

Then, to my despair, I could see another point further north that could possibly be ~1-2m higher, but I could not get the dog over there. The 1312m point on is most likely that point, and I guess I was around 100m south of it.

Hmm… possibly higher over there

Very annoying, but I was definitely ready to claim ascent of Litledalshornet, and I’ll come back another day and climb the west ridge from Høgreset. That looks like a whole lot of fun.

The west ridge, up from Høgreset

I spent a few minutes on top, enjoying the mighty views.

View from Litledalshornet, towards Hjørundfjorden

The light, combined with the haze made some peaks look extremely unfriendly

Blåtindane (background)

It was time to get back home. After all this was a post-work hike, and I needed dinner. We took the same route down and got a spectacular light along the way…

A fantastic end to a fantastic hike!

Trip statistics: 7,8km, 1280 vertical meters, 3h:25mins

Pictures from the hike:

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