2020 Week 22

CRAP Week!

Pretty much the “highlight” of the week…


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
25.05.2020 Sogndal Sogndal, Norway
30.05.2020 Sogndal Sogndal, Norway
31.05.2020 Flø Ulstein, Norway

Last week’s bike week was nice, but it came with a cost. My rise in health condition plummeted back to zero. Body in full repair mode. Still feels like an inflammation in the chest than anything more spooky. Like Corona…

So, there was no hiking this week – only a few short walks in Sogndal and a short walk at Flø, when I came back home on Sunday.

But a week report is a week report, so here goes…

Sogndal, May 25 2020

Sogndalselvi river

Monday: Just walking along the Sogndalselvi river and parts of Fjordstien. I tried to take photographs of birds, but that didn’t work out well. I’m certainly no photographer when it comes to figuring out the right settings.

Nice birdie…

The walk along the river was nice. To me, the river was quite wild but Anne said this was nowhere near its peak.

Sogndalselvi river

Still, fun to watch….

I would have NO BUSINESS in this river…

Oh, mountains – when will I be back?


The new Fjordstien trail – very nice. And I look forward when the bridge across the river eventually comes.

The Sogndal fjord trail – a very welcome initiative!

And finally, more unsuccessful bird pictures. After all, it’s CRAP WEEK…

Fly, fly…

Tuesday through Friday

I was able to do my job, from my remote home office in Sogndal, but was crap after the work days ended. I hit the bed while Anne looked after Karma. Every now and then, I made it to Anne’s garden, where we introduced a brand new game which I called “Poquet” – a mix of Pool and Croquet…


On Wednesday, we went down to Damskipskaia to have our first dinner out since Covid-19 came along, mid-March. It was all peace and quiet. We waited for the fish soup and Karma waited for the cat to move.

Karma is super-focused on the cat (behind the bike)

Then Anne decided to chase the cat away. Karma took that as a signal to attack, and … attacked. The cat was well protected behind the bike and suffered no injuries, but it was ragnarok for a few seconds.

Sogndal, May 30 2020

Storehaugfjellet in the background

Saturday: Another walk along Fjordstien, and oh – how I missed the mountains.

This week, I had to learn again how to live in the moment. So, I guess there was a higher purpose. I don’t believe in that, but it felt right to write.

Those small details…

But at least I could climb trees!

The highlight of the day…

And I found myself a pretty nice chair

I could certainly stay up here for a while…

Flø, May 31 2020

View towards Runde island

Sunday: Flø is a pearl. No doubt. I’ve had MANY nice hikes from here. But until recently, only towards the mountains.

Heading out from Flø

Today, the shore was the destination. And who knows what we can stumble across?

What’s behind?

Like underwater stuff...

Underwater “stuff”

And birds

A rocky beach, for sure

And more underwater stuff

Kinda cool….

Eventually, a pair of Oystercatchers *seriously* wanted us off this shore. After 2-3 attacks, Karma and I took the hint and bypassed them with a good margin.

The Oystercatcher makes a turn for a new attack

And then we were back to more cool underwater stuff

It was darn fun to walk around with the camera today….

So much to discover

Don’t ask…

A couple of girls had put up a tent and wandered around nude. It was somewhat “disturbing“, but I managed to concentrate on one of my favorite islands – Godøya – instead…

Godøya island

And I still take pictures of faces, when I come across them…

A face, clearly…

Eventually, it was time to get back home. I stopped by “Hoksteinen” for a quick climb before returning to the car.


It was a good walk. I think even Karma enjoyed it…

Time to get back home…

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