2020 Week 23

The 3rd rise and documentation week

Karma on Hasundhornet


Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
01.06.2020 Skyttenesvågen Herøy, M&R, Norway
01.06.2020 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP
02.06.2020 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
03.06.2020 Skåla 184m 497m Herøy, M&R, Norway
04.06.2020 Sandvikshornet 352m 13m Herøy, M&R, Norway
05.06.2020 Rjåhornet 421m 68m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
06.06.2020 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
06.06.2020 Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP
07.06.2020 Djupvikhaugen 98m 29m Herøy, M&R, Norway
07.06.2020 Lidafjellet 200m 47 Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP

As previously published, last week was CRAP WEEK and I promised myself that as soon I felt a little better, I would go easy for two weeks. At least. Wandering around in the local mountains is nice, but gets boring after a couple of hundred times. But, this week I had a purpose. I needed to update my maps and overview of all the signposts and maps we’ve put up over the past years. I had lost count and so I decided that for the next two weeks I would hike all the trails the local trail committee is looking after, and document all the signposts and maps.

A typical trailhead in our route network
My personal overview

Morning walk, my neighbourhood, June 1 2020

A nice morning walk

Monday: I took the dog to Skyttenesvågen for the morning walk. It’s a nice area, and only a 3-minute walk from my house.

Hasundhornet, 533m, June 1 2020

The shortest to Hasundhornet

Monday: Before starting on my documentation project,  I decided to take a walk up Hasundhornet. It was such a nice day and I wanted some views that the local forest hills couldn’t provide.

June 1st and there is still snow up there. Shocking!

I felt really crap, with no energy and it was pretty clear that if I hadn’t a dog, I would have been in my bed – resting this thing out. At least in the afternoon. Taking sick leave from work would only stress me out. Yes, I know how that sounds. But as long as I’m there, I have control. Yet, I understand that this is not fast track to recovery.

Coastal view from Hasundhornet

Whatever is riddling me takes a pause once the blood pump has warmed up. So, after a while I feel just fine. That doesn’t tempt me to “turn it up to 11” and just keep on, as I have a feeling that body repair is set on hold while I’m hiking.

Dimnøya island seen from Hasundhornet

Anyway, it was darn nice to be back on the trail again.

Bergehornet, Saudehornet, Grøthornet, Liahornet

I decided to return the way I came, making sure I didn’t put more pressure on the recovery process, assuming there was one…

Ulsteinvik seen from Hasundhornet

On the way down, I really looked forward to my documentation project. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for the last year, but other (and more attractive) mountains have gotten the attention instead…

Gurskøya tops – where I would be hiking for the next 2 weeks

Trip statistics: 2,9km, 200 vertical meters, 55 minutes

Huldrehornet, 271m, June 2 2020

The route across Lidafjellet and Huldrehornet

Tuesday: Time to get going with my project and the Huldrehornet forest was first in line.

It was a good day. The pressure I have felt in my chest was letting go, and for the first time in over a week, I looked forward to a hike. We started out from Stemmedalen and hiked up the Lidafjellet ridge.

The Lidafjellet ridge. Huldrehornet in the background

From Lidafjellet, I decided to head for Huldrehornet – covering more trails and signposts.


The top of Huldrehornet was foggy, but I was happy being back in business. Although it felt like baby steps…

Karma on Huldrehornet

Trip statistics: 4,8km, 320 vertical meters, 1h:12m

Skåla, 184m, June 3 2020

Our route across Skåla

Wednesday: The low hill Skåla was next in line for my documentation project. We hiked from Tjørvåg to the top and continued down the path to Trolldalen. Returning along the main road is never fun, but still more “fun” than returning the same route we came up.

On top of Skåla

Trip statistics: 4,2km, 215 vertical meters, 57 minutes

Sandvikhornet, 352m, June 4 2020

Our Sandvika – Øyravatnet – Sandvikhornet – Sandvika route

Thursday: Today’s hike had two purposes. One thing was documenting the Sandvikhornet trail, but I also wanted to become more familiar with the path from Sandvikskaret to Øyravatnet. The local trail committee wants to mark this route.


One thing was for certain, the 2km route would need a LOT of work to become “user friendly”.

On the way to Øyravatnet. I didn’t really enjoy the vague path

Eventually, we reached Øyravatnet and I realized that didn’t feel comfortable taking part in marking a path that would lead more people up to this lake, where birds are nesting and hatching. So, my vote would be “no”. We’ve got enough trails as it is. One just has to say when enough is enough.

Lake Øyravatnet

I decided to head up to the ridge between Rysseviktua and Sandvikhornet, but first we had to cross the drain. Only one of us succeeded without getting our feet wet…

Karma, crossing the “dam” at lake Øyravatnet

I enjoyed being here. It’s the kind of place you should discover by accident – opposed to being led to.

@Lake Øyravatnet

Then we continued to Sandvikhornet.

Looking down on Sandvikhornet (left). Øyrahornet to the right

On the way down from Sandvikhornet, we stopped by a viewpoint I enjoy a lot.

Overlooking Sandvika

Trip statistics: 5,9km, 430 vertical meters, 1h:40m

Rjåhornet, 600m, June 5 2020

The Rjåhornet round trip hike

Friday: My “curve” was clearly rising, and so were the vertical meters. Today, I chose to hike Rjåhornet from Djupvika.

Rjåhornet ahead

And a few more signposts were documented…

Nice view and … nice signposts

I was now on my 5th “orange” day in a row (green is good, red is bad). And I really hoped that 600 vertical meters (+) wouldn’t send me back to scratch.

Karma in familiar terrain

But, too late to think about this now…

Almost there…

It was indeed good to be back!

Karma is waiting for her summit treat…

We descended on the trail towards Leikong and headed across Nakken.

Rjåhornet seen on the way to Nakken

Later in the evening, there was a beautiful sunset. So, I had to go out with the camera…

Nice glow!

Trip statistics: 7,7km, 670 vertical meters, 2h:07m

Rambjøra, 132m, June 6 2020

Our route across Rambjøra

Saturday: When I woke up, I felt back to scratch. I cursed myself from doing almost 700 vertical meters the day before. So, today – it would be an easy day. For sure. A hike across Rambjøra fits right in that category. Too bad, because it was a really beautiful morning. I tried not think about the fact that I could have been well and on my way to skiing a nearby mountain.

On Rambjøra

Given the easy hike, I decided to let Karma work a little harder for the “summit” treat…

Summit treat…

We continued down the path towards Dragsund and I made a mental note that this route is in serious need for maintenance, aka cutting bush.

On the way down the Dragsund route

Trip statistics: 3,5km, 190 vertical meters, 55 minutes

Huldrehornet, 271m, June 6 2020

Our route across Huldrehornet

Still Saturday: Back on Huldrehornet, but now on a different route. We started out from Djupvikvatnet and headed up the normal route.

Approaching Huldrehornet

After visiting the top, we descended along the route along the powerlines.

View from Huldrehornet. Rjåhornet to the right
View from Huldrehornet. Rjåhornet to the left.

Trip statistics: 3,3km, 250 vertical meters, 45 minutes

Djupvikhaugen, 98m, June 7 2020

The normal Djupvikhaugen roundtrip

Sunday: This day started out “red“, but I gathered enough strengths to take the dog for a morning walk on Djupvikhaugen.

On our way to Djupvikhaugen – in the rain

I had 6 hours of programming (work) ahead of me once back. Which was OK, as the weather wasn’t very nice. And the programming did me good, as the day gradually faded into “orange” .

On Djupvikhaugen

Working from home for months is a new experience, and I try to maintain the same procedure as if I were going to work. With one exception – shaving and hair cut. This afternoon, I got a reminder when I looked in the mirror. Time to book a hair cut and charge the shaver…

Grunge look in Covid-19 times…

Trip statistics: 3,3km, 250 vertical meters, 45 minutes

Lidafjellet, 200m, June 7 2020

Our route across Lidafjellet

Still Sunday: Back in Stemmedalen, this time to do the route from the forest and down to lake Stemmedalsvatnet.

Heading out from Stemmedalen. Rjåhornet ahead

But first, up the Lidafjellet ridge – for the 2nd time this week.

On the Lidafjellet ridge

Trip statistics: 3,9km, 210 vertical meters, 58 minutes

As a hiking week, it was very uneventful, but I got a really good start to my documentation project, and it was definitely not CRAP WEEK II. I was very curious what Week 24 would have in store for me….

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