Ramntinden & Kayaking in Brønnøysund, Aug 6 2021

Summer vacation, day 18

The perfect end to our vacation in northern Norway


Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Ramntinden 323m 105m Brønnøy, Norway WCP
Lislramtinden 280 43m Brønnøy, Norway WCP

Continued from day 17

Ramntinden & Lislramntinden

Ramntinden and Lislramntinden

This was our last day in Brønnøysund and in the morning I went on a hike with mom – to Ramntinden.

On our way to Ramntinden

This is a fun and popular mountain and it is possible to find some off-trail routes if that is of interest. But today, we would stick to the normal route. At least on the way up the mountain.

Along the normal route to Ramntinden

The normal route can be challenging enough…

Don’t stumble here! At least not on the way down

In fact, the whole ridge to Mosaksla offers a lot of fun for those who like to step outside the paths. It also involves climbing if you want to traverse the entire ridge.

The ridge from Ramntinden to Mosaksla

And – the view from the top of Ramntinden isn’t bad either.

Mom and Karma on Ramntinden

On the way down, we stopped by Lislramntinden. Mom didn’t think it was as scary today as when we went there the first time. But she doesn’t enjoy standing close to the cliff…

On Lislramntinden

On the way we took a slightly different route down to the steep section, but that didn’t involve any dramatic terrain.

Our route

I enjoy these hikes with mom. She’s 76 years old, and there’s a limit to how long she can keep up like this in the mountains. That said, I she’s still got some good years ahead of her.

Trip statistics: 3,8km, 315 vertical meters, 1h:34m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

Kayaking in Brønnøysund

In the afternoon, Anne and I decided to go on a kayak tripthrough town” while mom was looking out for Karma.

Seeing Brønnøysund from a new angle

It wasn’t a long trip but it was one of the nicest trips I’ve done in a kayak. I think Brønnøysund is a beautiful town!

Heading for the town bridge with Torghatten in the background

We didn’t have a plan but along the way we talked about going back under the Brannøya bridge. But after a while, we realized that due to low tide, we would have to be carrying our kayaks. So we decided to turn back around at islet “3,7m” just east of Buøya.

Why not just go on?

On the way back, we followed the town side of the fjord…


At sea, it is also important to be considerate in the traffic…

Pass safely…

It was fun to kayak on the dock side. We passed the pier where the coastal express anchors up and we felt small!

Simply awesome!

A very nice ending to a memorable summer vacation in the north!

Continued on day 19

Trip statistics: 7,4km, 1000 vertical meters, 1h:55m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

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