Dalaunfjellet, Aug 5 2021

Summer vacation, day 17

Today’s route, incl. attempt of Tettingfjellet
Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Dalaunfjellet SE-1 791m 61m Brønnøy, Norway WCP

Continued from day 16

This was the day when *everything*went wrong

 Due to a late start and a dinner appointment with Anne and mom in the afternoon, I didn’t have a whole lot of time for my ambitious Tettingfjellet (952m) project in Velfjord. This was the only top in the Sausvatn region  that I hadn’t been to yet.

“Welcome to Langfjord” Tettingfjellet in the background

The plan was to do the Langfjord – Svartavatnet – Tettingsvatnet – south ridge route, but after speaking to a guy at Langfjord, I changed the plan. He didn’t think the ladder from Svartavatnet to Tettingsvatnet was dog friendly. He suggested I should go to the north end of Tettingsvatnet and hike up the north ridge instead.

But that would just be a too long hike and I gambled on that it should be possible to hike straight up from lake Tettingsvatnet.

The last time Karma was at this place, she couldn’t walk for 2 days due to a looong 3-day hike

The hike from Langfjorden to the dam at lake 261m was as boring as always, and it felt good to get on the marked route to Dalaunfjellet.

On the way to lake 261m with Tettingfjellet in the background

But I didn’t follow this route for too long as I had to get to the north end of lake Tettingsvatnet.

Aiming for lake Tettingvatnet (Titingsvatnet)

Then I got to the river from lake Storvatnet, and it was a bit tricky to get the dog up on the other side. If I had continued along the river upwards, it would have been easier. But instead, I decided to scramble up, carrying the dog.

Crossing the river here

That would have worked well if she only had kept still. But she decided to “help out” and I lost my balance and had to take a fall. With Karma in my firm grip. In the fall, I slammed my elbow in the rock and I immediately grew a bump that isn’t normally a part of my anatomy.

My elbow, with an additional “bump”

Once I had Tettingfjellet in plain view, I felt two things: a) oh my, it will take me a while to get to the foot of the mountain and b) once there, I see a doable route.

My plan…

This is complex terrain and it took some route finding to get down to the lake. And from there on, the terrain along the lake was just terrible.

The forest was a no-go zone and we had to settle for the lake shore

We passed an old building at the tip of the lake and then aimed for the ascent route I had planned. But by the time I really should have been on my way *up* the mountain, I realized it would still take time to get there. Moreover, my planned ascent route looked really steep from here. That was a wrong decision, because when I study the pictures (zoomed in ) it shows that my original hunch was sane. It *is* possible to get up there. But I took the hard decision to turn around.

5 minutes later, I decided to turn around

But I didn’t want to return without having been to a top, and as Dalaunfjellet was nearby, that was the natural place to go.

Finally back on the Dalaunfjellet side, after a strenuous ascent from lake Tettingvatnet

I have been to Dalaunfjellet twice before, and remembered “clearly” that there were two tops. So, I aimed for a grassy slope which would take me straight up to the high point.

Dalaunfjellet summit ahead! Not…

The last time I was here was in 2015, when Anne and I had a *very memorable* 3-day hike in the outskirts of the Lomsdal-Visten region.

It was nice to have fjord view again…

Fjord (and ocean) view from Dalaunfjellet

It was also nice to see Visttindan again – visited with Anne back in 2010.


I was so confident that we had reached the high point that I didn’t even bother checking my GPS. That was a mistake. We were on point 791m and there was actually a 3rd top – point 800m, 540m to the northwest. I didn’t realize that until I got home and uploaded the GPS track.

Lauvvasstinden (left) and Breivasstinden – seen from Dalaunfjellet

The terrain was however somewhat familiar, so I didn’t have any problems hiking down the mountain with cliffs all over the place.

On our way down from Dalaunfjellet, with Øyrtinden on the other side of the valley

On my way back to Langfjord, I was so bored with this part of the route that I promised myself – next time I would give Tettingfjellet another try – would hike from Tosbotn, via Breivatnan. But I guess that I will be back here already next summer – without Karma – and try to find a route along Svartavatnet and up the south ridge.

Studying details from the route past lake Svartavatnet

I made it back to Brønnøysund in due time for dinner – which was pizza at Milano. Mom is not a huge pizza eater, but I think she enjoyed the experience.

Pizza @Milano with mom and Anne

Continued on day 18

Trip statistics: 10,9km, 1000 vertical meters, 5h:45m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the hike:

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