Landnubben, Falkfjellet, Aug 4 2021

Summer vacation, day 16

A nice day above the Tosen fjord


Peak Height PF Municipality
Landnubben 548m 120m Brønnøy, Norway
Falkfjellet 596m 102m Brønnøy, Norway

Continued from day 15

Today, I was keen on getting a couple of new tops, and I had been “saving” Landnubben and Falkfjellet by Tosenfjorden for such an “occasion”.

Our round trip hike

Anne is also a fan of the Tosenfjord region and wanted to come along. She had not forgotten the very memorable hike in 2010, from Tosenfjorden, across Kjelviktinden and down to Tosdalen.

The tops we would hike today were in the 5-600m range, and one would think that would be a walk in the park, but this is northern Norway. There is no park in these parts of the country.

We decided to start out by the river in Steinvikdalen, hike up on the east side and come down on the west side. That sounded so easy…

At the trailhead

But the terrain wasn’t easy at all. We had a find a way around all cliffs, mostly because of Karma, but they were quite steep too.

Just as we had started to hike, a guy on bike was shouting at us down from the highway. “Are you going fishing?” – No, I replied. “Good, because fishing is prohibited! here” –OK, we’re just here for a hike. You think we’ll able to get up this way?You’ll find out, won’t you“, the guy replied. OK, thanks Dick…

In the middle of this bush, a guy on bike started shouting at us

Eventually, we were done with the cumbersome part of the ascent and could focus on the easiest route towards Landnubben.

Rugged landscape…

But just when we thought we were on easy street, the terrain had more in store for us…

OK, we didn’t see this coming…

Landnubben has two tops, both amazingly enough 546,6m on the map. As such, we had to visit both of them.

On our way to Landnuben’s west top

We arrived on the west top first.

On Landnubben’s west top

We were now close to mountains that I define as “the beginning of the northern wilderness“.

Søre Snøfjellet (the southern Snow mountain)

We then continued over to the east top and took some time to reminisce about our hike from Tosenfjorden back in 2010

Looking at the place where we started out 2010 hike across Kjelviktinden

One top down, one to go. But which route should we take to Falkfjellet? I proposed along the river from lake 426m, but Anne thought we would be just fine with a direct route straight across the valley. I was OK with that, but then we had to find a doable route down to the valley. Again, this is northern Norway…

Looking for a route down to the valley

After some research, we found a safe route down to the valley and took a short break by the river.

Chillin’ at Mølnforselva river

Then we headed up towards Falkfjellet, approx. 300m straight up.

A strenuous ascent to Falkfjellet

The north top on Falkfjellet is the highest and it was nice to get here. From here, it would pretty much be downhill.

On Falkfjellet

We walked over to the south top and looked for a sheltered spot to enjoy lunch. I had brought some surprises for Anne. She got “lefse” on Landnubben and nuts down by the river. Now, she got a chocolate muffin and a smoothie bottle. She was very happy about the surprises!

Happy Anne = happy me

After a nice break, we had to find a good route down.

Looking for a way down

The upper part was quite easy, but when we reached the tree line, we also reached bush!

Where we came down

The solution to these problems were gullies, close to huge rocks.

Step by step does it…

Eventually, we could see the car and found motivation for the last part – which was the most cumbersome part of the entire descent. But eventually, we got there and were quite happy with the 10,9km roundtrip!

The car comes into view…

On our way back to Brønnøysund, Anne wanted to take a bath and asked me to find a place with some shelter. I had the perfect place for her – Sandodden by lake Sausvatnet. This was the place we always went when we were kids. I hadn’t been here for 45 years and wondered if it was only in my mind that this was the perfect place. But it was still nice and parts of the beach was still sandy. We both enjoyed our bath here before returning to Brønnøysund.

Sandodden by Sasvatnet

Mom was out hiking with “Gangarlaje”  so Anne and I went to the Kred restaurant and enjoyed two tasty burgers. I was impressed by the number of restaurants in Brønnøysund. In the old days, there were just a couple. Now there were at least half a dozen. Good progress!

Continued on day 17

Trip statistics: 10,9km, 1000 vertical meters, 5h:45m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the hike:

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