Torghatten & mom in kayak, Aug 3 2021

Summer vacation, day 15

Together again in front of the Torghatten hole, 11 years after our first time together here


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Torghatten 258m 258m Brønnøy, Norway WCP

Continued from day 14

Mom in a kayak for the first time

We asked mom (76 years old) the other day if she were interested in trying out a kayak. We sort of expected a firm “No!” but she was actually a bit curious. She had *never* been in a kayak before and she doesn’t like being in the water. At least – a double challenge!

So we decided to drive to Vestavågen on Torget island outside Brønnøysund. We put mom in Anne’s kayak and stayed in shallow waters. She quickly found the balance and then we worked on the turns and the rudder.

Good job!

She was clearly having a good time!

Fun, yes?

We were also in not-so-shallow waters, and mom noticed. Without commenting…

Working on turns

After a while we figured she could experience the benefits of a dry suit and let her hang on to Anne’s kayak. Unfortunately, Anne’s dry suit (which mom borrowed for the occasion) isn’t dry anymore and mom got quite wet.

Mom takes every challenge we throw at her

But that didn’t seem to ruin her day…

Mission completed!


Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the kayak introduction:

Torghatten (258m)

Our route across and through Torghatten

After the kayak training, we drove to Inner-Torget to hike Torghatten. This mountain is one of the biggest attractions on the Helgeland coastline – with a huge hole straight through the mountain.

Torghatten (2010)

The “official” plan was really just getting to the top, but I hoped that I could convince them to do the “ultimate round trip” – across and then through! A route we did back in July 2010.

But first, let’s just get to the top…

On our way to Torghatten

Anne and mom followed the path upwards, while I scrambled on the slabs. I made a mental note to try to climb straight up from the trailhead some time. These slabs are awesome!

Summit ahead

The steepest part of the route has parts that could be awkward for a dog, but I took Karma outside the path and she had no problems whatsoever.

Mom up the steepest section

Eventually, we reached the top and could enjoy the wonderful coastline!

How about that?

And congratulations to Karma – yet another new top in the bag!

No, Karma. You haven’t been up here before…

Helgeland is forever my home, spending my first 6 years near this coastline and been here almost every year since…

Anne is a Helgeland-fan too

I decided to lay out my “secret plan” in portions. While up here, why not hike down the other side?

Yes, why not? We’ve done it before, so why not do it again?

Descending on the other side

Back in 2010, we took a different route down, and this time the path led us across Lislhatten.

Slightly steep, but OK

After Lislhatten, the path ended above a steep drop but we found a doable route further left.

Easy does it

Also, back in 2010, we took a direct route towards the hole but I didn’t remember and didn’t look for such a route. Instead we returned to the trailhead where we stopped by the cafe for refreshments.

Then I launched the rest of my plan – why not hike through the hole?

Yes, why not? We’ve done it before, so why not do it again?

On our way to the hole

It’s always nice to be back up here. It’s quite a place!

Mom was worried that Karma would get problems with the stairs, but Karma handles stairs like she handles snacks – fast and furious!

Into the hole

And soon, we were on the other side of the hole.

On the other side

After descending on the south side, we stopped by Ytre Hatten for the “classic” picture.

Big fun!

And then we took the beach route back (opposed to the trail)

Back to the trailhead, along the beach

We also stopped by the camping, where I don’t think I’ve been before. It was actually quite nice there and the view wasn’t all bad either…


Another good hiking day had come to an end. In the evening, we drove to Hommelstø to have dinner with “cousin” Jorun and Arnfinn at Persplassen. All in all, a superb day!

Continued on day 16

Trip statistics: 8,8km, 450 vertical meters, 3h:26m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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