Brannfjellet, Børsåsen, Aug 7 2021

Summer vacation, day 19

Goodbye to Nordland county, Brønnøysund and Torghatten


Peak Height PF Municipality
Brannfjellet 175 125m Namsos, Norway
Børsåsen 175m 110m Levanger, Norway

Continued from day 18

Our time in Nordland had come to an end for this summer. We’ll be back, for sure!

We were now on our way to my house on Sunnmøre but a) there would be a couple of walking-the-dog hills along the way and b) a stay overnight – somewhere.

Assuming E6 was still busy with the summer traffic, we decided to take FV17 from Brønnøysund. After the Vennesund – Holm ferry, we continued to Namsos – opposed to join the E6 via Høylandet.

Brannfjellet, Namsos

Our route up and down Brannfjellet

We discovered that Namsos had a near “town top” and as it was high time to walk the dog, we decided to go up there.  After some poor map reading, we ended up in a pass between Brannfjellet and Brantfjellet (!) where the road was closed. We should of course have gone through the tunnel and parked at the north side of Brannfjellet.

On our way to Brannfjellet

But, no worries. It was a short walk to the parking area. I don’t know if there is still skiing going on here in winter, but at least there used to be. The original plan was to hike up the slalom hill, but this route had too much grass and we found a path instead.

It didn’t take us too long to reach the top of Brannfjellet.

On top of Brannfjellet

From the top, we followed the path to a viewpoint above Namsos.

Namsos seen from Brannfjellet

We took the same route down and continued on our journey south.

Trip statistics: 3,2km, 170 vertical meters, 1h:02m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

Børsåsen, Levanger

Our route up and down Børsåsen

Our next stop was Børsåsen between Verdal and Levanger. We found the trailhead near Østbør and headed out next to a kine of cows down from the hill for water refreshments.

Into the Børsåsen forest

We soon understood that this was quite a popular forest hill and some had spent more time up here than others…


It didn’t take long to reach the high point. Which was kind of the point of going here – walking the dog but also give daddy a new pf100 top while at it…

Yes, I have a weird hobby…

We took a different route back down. I enjoyed walking in this forest.

In the Børsåsen forest

Apparently, carving in wood is a thing here…

Probably the same carver…

On the way back to the trailhead, we stopped by Hansåsen and enjoyed the view towards Levanger.


Back on the forest road, the road was packed with cows and we didn’t want to walk through them with Karma. Hence, we headed down to the nearest house and found another way back to the car.


By now, we had decided to spend the night at Stav Gjestegård – our normal place to stay on our way to or from northern Norway.

Continued on day 20

Trip statistics: 3,2km, 130 vertical meters, 57min

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

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