Fløystadfjellet, Aug 8 2021

Summer vacation, day 20

On Fløystadfjellet (Skarven)
Peak Height PF Municipality
Fløystadfjellet (Skarven) 663m 120m Tingvoll, Norway

Continued from day 19

After spending the night on Stav Gjestegård outside Trondheim, we continued our journey from northern Norway to my place on Sunnmøre. We took the coastal route, which included 3 ferries. When we got to the ferry across Halsafjorden, it was time to look for a place to walk the dog. After checking the map, I found that Fløystadfjellet seemed to be a good candidate. Not too far, not too high but high enough to feel like a mountain top and give some good views.

We found the toll road and drove up to Gammelsætra where we quickly understood that this was a popular top. There were already a lot of cars there.

On our way from Gammelsætra

We followed a well worn path up the forest and passed Nysetra before climbing above the tree line.

Approaching Nysætra

It was just the perfect hike for what was really a transport day.

Fløystadfjellet ahead

It was also nice to see Tustna and Stabblandet again. It was actually 15 years since I was out there with Petter Bjørstad, visiting Jørenvågsalen, Skarven, Innerbergsalen and Storøra

Tustna and Stabblandet

Finding the high point involved checking the map closely. The high point was unmarked, then there was another top with a cairn and the lowest top had the tallest cairn. There’s only one thing to do – visit all of them!

On the lowest point, with the tallest cairn

It was extra nice to be on a new mountain top in my own county – Møre og Romsdal. This was actually the first new top in my county this year!

Rugged Møre & Romsdal peaks, seen from Fløystadfjellet

We took the same route back down and continued back home to Sunnmøre via Molde. It was yet another memorable summer holiday with Anne and I am already looking forward to our next. We’ll have one more week together in September and hopefully we get some new tops in a part of Norway where we’ve not been before.

Trip statistics: 6km, 450 vertical meters, 1h:51m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

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