Rimmafjellet, Jun 27 2021

Taking the long route home from Sogndal

In my car, on my way up Gaularfjellet
Peak Height PF Municipality
Rimmafjellet 1277m 127m Sunnfjord, Norway

From time to time, I take the long route home from Sogndal – via Balestrand, Gaularfjellet and Førde. The reward is always a new pf100 top and today I had set my eyes on Rimmafjellet on Gaularfjellet. This top used to be on the Førde/Gaular border, but is now just another top in the greater Sunnfjord municipality.

Rimmafjellet ahead

I had planned to follow the path across Norddalshamrane and up to Frøyslandsstølen. However, it seemed like fun to just head straight for the mountain and follow the terrain wherever I could.

Karma and I ascended just east of Tjoveskaret and then followed a distinct gully/couloir that took us to the southeast ridge.

Soon up on the southeast ridge

When we reached the two 1240m contours south of the high point, we could also see the high point – 675m to the north.

The high point comes into view

Before setting course for the high point, I took a minute to study the tops on the south side of the Gaularfjellet road. I had only been to 3 of those tops previously, and I have a plan to increase that number.

Tops on the south side of the Gaularfjellet road

The hike over to the high point was enjoyable!

Rimmafjellet high point ahead

I think Karma would agree…

Summer is coming…

And then we stood on top of Rimmafjellet!

On Rimmafjellet, with Jostefonn glacier in the background
Jostefonn glacier, zoomed in

Upon descent, we headed down in the southeast direction, aiming for the southernmost of the Steinbotsvatna lakes. The descent required some degree of route finding due to slabs and cliffs, but was by no means challenging.

Here we go!

Once we reached the lake I wondered if there actually was a doable route along the lake. If not, plan B would be a ledge higher up where I noticed sheep. If they could, so could we!

Obstacle alert!

But the slabs that looked tricky from a distance was quite friendly when I got close. And then we could aim for Frøyslandsstølen.

Karma, overlooking Frøylandsstølen

We followed the path from Frøyslandsstølen, then lost it and found it again later on. Only to leave it again and do a parallel off-trail route across Norddalshamrane and back to the car.

Made me think of Sweden…

Very happy about now having a “pin” on the north side of the Gaularfjellet road. That is – in addition to Gottophesten back in 2004 – where I met Anne for the first time. We didn’t know about each other back then, but when we got together in 2009 we realized that we had met below Gottophesten – when Petter, myself and 4 others came down from our ski-trip across Meneseggen and Jostefonn.

Trip statistics: 10,1km, 760 vertical meters, 3h:02m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

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