Jonsknuten, Sep 5 2021

Autumn break, day 1

Our hike across Jonsknuten


Peak Height PF Municipality
Jonsknuten 904m 410m Kongsberg, Norway

This was an autumn break that I hadn’t planned, didn’t really need and certainly didn’t have time for – given my busy project at work. But, for legal reasons I could not work any more overtime and my flex account was full to the point that HR asked me to reduce it. As Anne wanted another week of vacation and I had still 5 weeks of vacation/flex – I decided to take the week off. How “off” it would be was yet to be seen, but at least I wouldn’t be online 7am every day.

Anne had found a nice cabin at Lifjell – just north of Bø in Telemark and when I got my approval from my manager, she booked it straight away. I didn’t particularly look forward to the long drive, but I had never been to Lifjell before and found motivation in that fact alone.

Our rented cabin at Lifjell. Quite fancy, at least on the inside

Anne had already traveled to eastern Norway for a high school reunion and we would meet near Fagernes this Sunday. I got up early and was on my way from Gurskøy, Sunnmøre before 8am. I drove pretty much non-stop to Fagernes (except for letting Karma stretch her legs a couple of times) and picked up Anne at Leira.

Stretching our legs at Øvre Sjodalsvatnet – Valdresflya – and a car full of insects

We then  continued to Kongsberg. We had to walk the dog somewhere and I asked Anne to check out Jonsknuten. She found that the trailhead was quite high (700m+) and then we sat course for Knutehytta and Jonsknuten.

The 7km gravel road to Knutehytta was terrible at first, but got better and better the higher we came. Eventually, we arrived at the trailhead and sat course for the mountain. Karma, having been in her cage for 8,5 hours was probably very happy to be able to stretch her legs properly.

On our way to Jonsknuten

Jonsknuten from Knutehytta is not a long walk. A couple we spoke to said the round trip was a 2-hour walk, but I had my doubts. It only took us 26 minutes to get to the top…

Summit ahead

This is a good viewpoint, but the mountains in the distant are not very characteristic. Besides, the top was a bit windy and so we didn’t stay there for long.

On top of Jonsknuten
Skrimfjella and Styggmann, seen from Jonsknuten. Little did I know we would be standing on top there 5 days later…

We took a different route down (Sigvartstien) – north of our ascent route and returned to the trailhead exactly 1 hour after leaving.

View from Jonsknuten

After 7 bumpy kilometers, we got back on the main roads and sat course for Notodden where we would get some food for the evening.

Then we left E134 and took road 3330 towards Bø, but took the Lifjellet exit prior to Bø. The rented cabin was just perfect. We would certainly enjoy our week up here! We also drove to the top of the road to check out the trailhead. There are a bunch of pf 100 tops on the Lifjell massif and I hoped that I would have the opportunity to visit as many as possible!

Our first night in the rented cabin

Continued on day 2

Trip statistics: 2,9km, 200 vertical meters, 1 hour

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the trip:

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