Øysteinnatten, Nybufjellet, Sep 6 2021

Autumn break, day 2

Our route across Øysteinnatten and Nybufjellet


Peak Height PF Municipality
Øysteinnatten 1174m 175m Notodden/ Midt-Telemark, Norway
Nybufjellet 1142m 133m Midt-Telemark, Norway

Continued from day 1

Base-camp: rented cabin on Lifjell and today we would visit our first tops on the Lifjell massif – a place where neither Anne nor me had been before. And that means that Karma hadn’t been there before either…

After breakfast, we drove down to to get groceries for the week. It was a 15 minute drive from our cabin at ~700m elevation below the Lifjell massif.

Later on, we drove up to Jønnbu, parked the car and headed out for Øysteinnatten – our first top on Lifjell.

Jønnbu trailhead

The path was wide, well worn and well marked. Clearly frequently used both in winter as well as summer.

Well marked…

The path climbed up between Krintofjellet and Bøkstulnatten before continuing up a small valley between Gleksefjell and Skåråfjell. We enjoyed ourselves!

Nice path and nice terrain!

Karma was however over-complicating things…

No, that’s the rappel technique. We’re going *up*

We were now on the mountain plateau, with lakes and huge rocks. Climb a rock and stay young!

Up you go…

Karma also found inspiration from mommy and daddy…

“Look at me!”

Eventually, Øysteinnatten came into view. It had a steep south face but a gentle north side.

On our way to Øysteinnatten

After a 4,6km hike, we reached the primary goal for the day.

On top of Øysteinnatten

It was difficult to spot any characteristic tops in the distance. Gaustatoppen was covered in fog, and Blefjell can’t really be called characteristic. Jonsknuten – which we visited the day before – was easy to recognize and so was Skrimfjella. The rest was a big blur, but the circular viewfinder on top helped a lot!

Jonsknuten in the distance – visited the day before

I felt the hike had been a little short and proposed to Anne that we ought to visit the neighbour top Nybufjellet on our way back. She had already seen that request coming a mile away…

On our way to Nybufjellet

We followed a vague path along the west ridge and then down to lake Skardtjørna before we ascended Nybufjellet off-trail.

Below Nybufjellet

On our way up the mountain, we came across a cool pile of rocks…


On top, I could celebrate my 43rd new pf100 top this year. That number would typically be 83 or 93 at this time of the year, but I can’t really defend the driving that is required to do 100 new tops annually. 50 is an OK number. I’m still very much privileged! In any case, that number was 56 when my 8-day break had come to an end…

On top of Nybufjellet

We continued to the south – in the direction of Nybunuten before descending into Oksladalen valley. There were cows higher up in the valley so it was a good choice to hike across Nybufjellet instead through the valley. As if that was ever an option…

Further down, we met a large group of young people – from Campus Bø – on their was upwards to spend the two nights up on Lifjell.

Descending Oksladalen

Soon after, we left Oksladalen and followed the path into Anebudalen. Anebunatten looked like a cool top and I really wanted to scramble it from the bottom. But I was a bit hungry and returning to the cabin felt like a preferred choice at the time.


It was a nice round trip. The plan for the next day to hike Jøronnatten and Troganatten, but as Anne felt some pain in her hips, we would settle for some forest tops down in Bø and come back to the Lifjell tops on Wednesday.

Continued on day 3

Trip statistics: 13,3km, 735 vertical meters, 4h:12m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the trip:

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