Gygrestolen, Maskat, Høgefjell, Sep 7 2021

Autumn break, day 3

Gygrestolen in Bø – most cool!
Peak Height PF Municipality
Gygrestolen 490m 260m Midt-Telemark, Norway
Maskat 690m 140m Midt-Telemark, Norway
Høgefjell 690m 140m Midt-Telemark, Norway

Continued from day 2

Gygrestolen (490m)

Today, we would stick in terrain much lower than our rented cabin on Lifjell! We had decided to visit Gygrestolen  southwest of . We had understood that there were some cliffs or pinnacles that were pretty cool and so we had to go and check it out!

Our route across Gygrestolen

We drove to lake Uvdalstjørna and found the official parking (fee NOK 50,- VIPPS) at approx. 120m elev.

Gygrestolen trailhead

From here, we followed a marked and very well worn path up the forest.

Up the forest

Higher up in the forest, we followed more and more slabs. Very nice! Near lake Svarttjørn we skipped visiting the Svarttjørnhola cave. We had more interesting sights in mind and I also had one more mountain to visit before calling it a day.

Not sure this is the intention of the rope, but…

The high point on Gygrestolen was marked by some bolts, possibly holding a trig. point once upon a time.

On Gygrestolen high point.

But the main attraction up here was the cliffs on the north side. And they were incredibly cool!

Holy moly!

I realized that I would have no chance climbing these. Well, maybe the eastern one if I were given an intense crash course in crack climbing.

Some serious cliffs!

Also impressive was the boulder area below the cliffs.

It must be a feat just to get across…

We followed the marked path down on the other side of the mountain (“Parkering Vest”) and the path found its way through dramatic terrain.

Can we *please* stay together?

Further down in the forest, we noticed a signpost pointing to “Maurnatten“. We figured we would get a good view towards the cliffs from there.

And sure enough, we did. It was easy scrambling to get up there, but we found it best to let Karma wait below.

Gygrestolen seen from Maurnatten

When we reached the road, we were 0,4km west of the parking. There was a popular swimming area close by and Anne decided to cool off. As I still had one more mountain to hike I stayed on shore.


Trip statistics: 6,6km, 420 vertical meters, 2h:06m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the trip:

Maskat (690m)

Our route up and down Maskat

I dropped Anne off in Bø, where she would be shopping and relaxing while I drove to Roheim to hike Maskat. What a peculiar name…

At Roheim, I decided to ring a door bell and ask a local for information. That was time well spent and I learned that there was a marked path all the way from lake Svalbjørtjørna and all the way to the top of Maskat. I parked the car just before the toll road by Svalbjørtjørna and tried to not block for larger vehicles who used this as a place for turning around. We then followed the gravel road 0,2km until we found the “Maskat” signpost.

On the right way!

First, Karma and I hiked 0,8km along a marked forest path until we joined a tractor road.

On the forest path

Just before reaching lake Kirsdalstjørna, we found another “Maskat” signpost, left the tractor road and followed a marked path across Flåtin.

We soon had Maskat in view, and I thought to myself – “wow, this will take some time”. We had only 2km to go, but it looked far longer…

Maskat – in the distance

But the forest hill got closer and closer by the minute and just before the summit plateau I lost sight of the marking and got a little detour before locating the high point.

Karma on top of Maskat

Knowing Anne would start to get restless by now, we hurried down along the same route. But, at lake Kirsdalstjørna I simply had to take a quick swim. The cabin by the lake looked like it was privately owned but as no one was home I figured I could be forgiven.

Ready for a swim

We were back at the car, 2h:12m after leaving. I drove back to Bø, picked up Anne – restless but still happy – up and then we drove back up to our rented cabin on Lifjell.

Continued on day 4

Trip statistics: 9,6km, 385 vertical meters, 2h:12m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the trip:

Høgefjell (765m)

Once back at the cabin on Lifjell, I went for a 5,2km bike-trip, which included biking across Høgefjell on Lifjell.

My bike trip across Høgefjell

Once back in the cabin, the following events occured:

  1. In the shower
  2. Anne yelling
  3. Gate breached
  4. Getting the bastards out of there…
Censored, to protect the innocent

But eventually, we could enjoy dinner and relaxing in the cabin…

Good days on Lifjell

Trip statistics: 5,2km on bike, 150 vertical meters

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone8) from the trip:

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