Nattrudstilen, Dec 28 2021

Christmas break, day 7

This day started out grey but ended on a good note…

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Nattrudstilen 960m 84m Ringsaker, Norway
Storåsen 974m 17m Ringsaker, Norway

Continued from day 6

Day 7 on Sjusjøen and today’s goal (for me) was Nattrudstilen (965m) – on the south side of lake Sjusjøen and 5km south/southeast of the cabin. This would start out as a joint ski-trip with our friends Anne May and Jan, and my suggestion was that we split company at Sjusjøkrysset.  I was hoping that Jan would come with me though.

Girls in red, boys in blue

When we reached Sjusjøkrysset, Anne May and Anne were happy to return to the cabin along a different track, getting a nice 8km+ round trip. Karma joined them, as she had already done a LOT of running this Christmas.

Sjusjøkrysset junction

Jan wanted to come along and then we headed for Nattrudstilen

On the way to Nattrudstilen (background)

There wasn’t a prepared track to the top from the direction we were coming, but it was fairly easy to get up to the ridge. We took a pause to put some more wax on. Today,  was skiing on my old skating skis.

In front of the final hill to Nattrudstilen

The weather wasn’t as good as the other days and we had a light snowfall across the meadows. But when we got to the top it started to clear up. Big bonus!

Jan on top of Nattrudstilen

There is a slalom hill on the south side of Nattrudstilen. We could see the top of it from the high point and didn’t bother to take the trip to see part of the slopes.

The top of the Nattrudstilen slalom hill

Instead we descended to the west, along the ridge and then along snowy roads until we got down the prepared tracks at Rømåsen. There were lots of people there and we could probably buy hot-dogs if just waited long enough.

At Rømåsen

We sat course back to Sjusjøen, joined our tracks on the far side of Sjøbekken and at Sjusjøkrysset – we followed the same track as Anne May and Anne – northwest to the cross-country arena at Sjusjøen. Which was a crowded place…

Sjusjøen Langrennsarena

Jan hadn’t been to the top of Storåsen before  (they had just taken over the cabin) and I suggested we took the route on the west sideof Storåsen and returned to the cabin via the high point. Jan seemed to enjoy reaching the top and 2 minutes after leaving, we were down by the cabin.

Jan on top of Storåsen

A fun 17,3km round trip!

Today’s tracks

Continued on day 8

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