Snørrvillen, Dec 27 2021

Christmas break, day 6

Happy to be up here and not down there

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Snørvillen 995m 118m Ringsaker, Norway

Continued from day 5

Day 6 on Sjusjøen and today’s goal was Snørvillen (995m) – a top I visited 30-35 years ago, in summertime with my buddy Lars and other friends. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Today was revisit time and it meant that we would to have step outside the prepared tracks, possibly having to break trail all the way to the top.

Another day, another ski-trip!

From the cabin, we took the shortest track to the 4-way junction at Fjellmyra.

On our way to Fjellmyra with Snørvillen in the background

From Fjellmyra, we saw tracks in the direction of Snørvillen and decided (of course) to follow them. Karma was on steroids, finally being able to look under every bush the forest had to offer.

On the way to Snørvillen

I was using my mountain skis today, with short skins. The skins were however in great need for more glue and didn’t stick. I had to put some blue wax on in order to get up.

On the summit ridge

And then – finally back on Snørvillen – showing off Christmas presents from my good neighbours Gunn Jorunn and Hans!

Karma seemed envious…

It was really nice having a look around and being somewhat familiar with the surroundings. Some tops down, others to go

Panorama from Snørvillen

We returned to the cabin after a 10km ski-trip and while Anne and Karma were happy to relax, I headed back out with my skating skis and did an 8km round to the south – on tracks that I hadn’t tried before.

Today’s tracks

In the afternoon, the cabin ownersAnne May and Jan arrived. Unfortunately, they would leave 2 days later but we appreciated the time we could spend together. And again – my undivided attention was split between our good friends and Magnus Carlsen…

Anne May, Karma, Anne, Jan – and Magnus…

Continued on day 7

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