Elgåsen, Dec 26 2021

Christmas break, day 5

Today’s route – 20km

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Elgåsen 957m 47m Ringsaker, Norway

Continued from day 4

Day 5 on Sjusjøen wasn’t quite as sunny as the previous days, but less cold. I was very keep on getting to the top of Elgåsen.

“Top of” in Sjusjøen context means getting to the uppermost cabin on the various hills. That was kind of a joke, but actually true for Storåsen and Elgåsen. Still, we didn’t let that bother us. It would be a good 20km ski-trip.

A stop for pictures…

We skied down to lake Kroksjøen and went followed the Gjestbodsåsen track until we got onto a new track (northbound) east of Kuåsen. This track formed a loop around Elgåsen.

Elgåsen ahead

Today, I was skiing with my old skating skis. I put some blue wax under to avoid going nuts in the uphills.

Where to go…?

Once we reached lake Mellsjøen, we found a summer path with a “Elgåsen” signpost.  And we decided to follow it.

On the summer path to Elgåsen

Within a few minutes, Sjusjøen “top” #5 was “in the bag“. It was a really nice trip and I could already feel that my skiing shape and form had improved considerably. And the same applied to Anne. I figured that tomorrow would be the right time to seek “adventures” outside the tracks.

On top of Elgåsen. With cabins just meters away ;(

Our solitude at the cabin ended when Anne’s relative Liv Jorunn came up from Lillehammer to visit us. When having visitors, it’s not very polite to have the TV on, but Magnus Carlsen was trying to defend his title as the world champion in the Rapid Chess tournament. Anne realized that this was a battle she would not win. But as women can do stuff and watch TV at the same time, men can chat and “observe” TV at the same time. In the end, I like to think that Liv Jorunn felt that I was present…

Company in the evening

Continued on day 6

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