Lunkefjell, Dec 25 2021

Christmas break, day 4

Another beautiful day on Sjusjøen!

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Gjestbodsåsen 932m 58m Ringsaker, Norway
Lunkefjell 1012m 95m Lillehammer, Norway
Sjusjøfjellet 999m 95m Ringsaker, Norway

Continued from day 3


On day 4 in the cabin at Sjusjøen, all the hard work this year began to seem like a distant memory and I started to redevelop the taste for sleeping late with nothing particular to do – other than breakfast and skiing.

I started this day with a 16km solo skating trip – along the same route as the day and then some. But in the reverse direction. As I passed across Gjestbodsåsen, I parked the skis and went on foot over to the high point – which wasn’t obvious to pin-point. Very happy with another local hill “in the bag” I returned to the cabin – where both Anne and Karma was eager to get out.

On the Birkebeiner track, after descending from Gjestbodsåsen. Storåsen (where we stayed) in the background

Lunkefjell and Sjusjøfjellet

All tracks from today

We agreed to set course for Lunkefjell – highest of the tops surrounding Sjusjøen.

The trip started with a descent from Storåsen

We were now on a track that we hadn’t skied before. There wasn’t a whole lot of snow but enough for skiing. Everyone was happy, the dog in particular…

Smart dog – scratching her back by herself…

Eventually we had to leave the prepared track and break our own trail. But after a while we found footprints leading to the top.

Anne on her way to Lunkefjell
The final leg to the top of Lunkefjell

It was fun to reach the top of Lunkefjell. Relatively speaking, this was a pretty good viewpoint.

On top of Lunkefjell

Nevelfjell and Hafjell weren’t  far away but it would be a bit of work to get there and I figured that we should “save” these tops until we visit friends that recently got a cabin on Hafjell.

Nevelfjell and Hafjell seen from Lunkefjell

We don’t want a cabin for ourselves. Going back to the same place over and over again? That’s just not us. So we can travel and rent a lot before it gets anywhere the cost of purchasing a cabin. And even if our friends didn’t ask for any money for borrowing the cabin on Sjusjøen, we insisted to pay “normal rate”. After all, the cost of electricity was sky high this winter.

Still on Lunkefjell…

As the sun was setting, we moved on and decided to break trail across Sjusjøfjellet.


3 tops in one day was more than I hoped for when I got up this morning…

Anne on Sjusjøfjellet

We both live in mountainous regions in western Norway and there is nothing better but we both appreciate variation and we have loved every trip we have made to eastern Norway. For starters, it was a welcome break from the windy west coast…

View towards Sjusjøen from Sjusjøfjellet

After a while, we got on the track on the west side of Storåsen.

Heading “home”

We made it back to the cabin just before darkness. Which was quite good as we hadn’t brought any headlamps. The trip across Lunkefjell was 8km – giving me a total of 23,4km today.

Ice Cube said it best – it was a good day!

Until tomorrow…

Continued on day 5

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