Storåsen – Sjusjøen, Dec 24 2021

Christmas break, day 3

Today’s skiing route
Top Height PF Municipality
Storåsen 974m 17m Ringsaker, Norway

Continued from day 2

Christmas Eve and our 2nd full day on Sjusjøen – in the cabin we had borrowed from good friends. The weather was brilliant, but it was cold. Fortunately, we know how to dress for cold days.

Ready for more skiing!

Today’s route would be from our cabin to Midtfjell via a short leg of the Birkebeiner route. Birkebeinerrennet is a famous 54km cross-country race starting at Rena and finishing in Lillehammer. It could have been fun to try it some day, but the thousands of participants isn’t a motivating factor.

Along the Birkebeiner track

We’ll see, though. Cross-country isn’t my element. This is…

The real me…

We reached the Midtfjellet cabins and I was keen on going up to the nearest top, but we just didn’t have the skis for it.

At Midtfjellet

Instead, we returned to the cabin, feeling the wind along the way.

It was a windy day…

Back at the cabin, I continued up to the local high point – Storåsen. Unfortunately, I don’t find great pleasure in any trip unless there is a named point part of it.

On top of Storåsen

I enjoyed the sun setting from the top and promised myself that I would have visited most of the tops surrounding Sjusjøen before leaving.

View from Sjusjøen
*Some* of the Sjusjøen cabins…

I returned to the cabin and tried to help Anne as best as I could in preparing Christmas Eve dinner. Anne would probably argue that I wasn’t helping at all. The kitchen isn’t my element, either…

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner  was super-delicious as always and I was a happy and privileged man.

The traditional Christmas Eve Dinner – and Aquavite!

Continued on day 4

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    1. Thanks again! We do appreciate when the sun is around, low or high. We get the whole range of weather up here. Well, except tornados… ps. my girlfriend and I are inspired by the beautiful Greece mountains – especially with snow! Maybe mainland Greece will be our first adventure when we feel it’s right to travel again. Keep posting!

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