Finnbunuten, May 17 2022

Back again, 20 years later…

Our route up and down Finnbunuten
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
17.05.2021 Finnbunuten 1358m 388m Voss, Norway

Tuesday: Today was Norway’s National Day and the celebration attracts international attention. Anne never misses the opportunity to wear her costume – only to be worn on special occasions.

Anne and Karma in Voss, on Norway’s National Day

After a photo session outside the hotel, it was time to check out and get out of Voss before the parade would block the streets. We really wanted to go skiing – which has become a semi-tradition, including memorable trips to Skårasalen and Eidskyrkja.

I suggested that we could drive across Vikafjellet – on our way back to Sogndal. And while up there – ski Finnbunuten – a top I hiked 20 years ago, with my formed dog Troll. Anne thought this was a great idea and now we had a plan!

To my surprise, the parking at Finnbuene (approx. 760m) was not even close to full. In order to get to the snow, we had to cross a bridge which was broken at our end. Getting the dog up and across was a small ordeal. But eventually, we were on snow and Karma was happy!

The trip is officially “a go!”

The snow was much better today. It was probably colder last night, and Karma didn’t have any problems walking on the snow. In fact, she didn’t seem to have any problems in the whole wide world…

Karma – bon vivant!

I couldn’t remember anything from my 2002 hike, other than I knew that I had been up here. I later found that I had (almost) taken the same route to the top back then, but also continued across the mountain and hiked Grøndalsfjellet too.

Nice scenery!

When we reached the ridge, there was enough ups and downs to make me suggest that we should descend the north ridge. The only problem was that the snow could be hard.

Eventually, the top came into view, and I looked forward to the views. The Hordaland mountains seems like a lifetime ago.

The top comes into view

On our way up the last hill, I heard sounds from the snow below me. Kind of like “sighs”, and we agreed that this wasn’t a typical sound of spring. It would probably be OK to descend the north ridge, but rather safe than sorry and we agreed to return the way we came.

In the last hill

After reaching the top, we had a nice chat with another skier and then Anne put on her costume (again)

Celebration on Finnbunuten

Karma was also properly dressed for the occasion.

Karma is radiating pride and joy…

I also find it proper to post a picture of my former dog Troll – on top of the same mountain, 20 years earlier.

You were a good buddy!

Anne wasn’t wearing the costume just for show-off. She would be skiing with it as well!

And off we go!

The ups and downs along the ridge weren’t a big problem. The snow was fast enough to get us to the top of the next hill if we only hit maximum speed.

Oh, the wonderful snow!

It was a delightful descent. No doubt about it. I was really happy about ending up on this mountain today.

Anne – having a good time in her costume

Afterwards, we continued across Vikafjellet, got blocked by a parade down in Vik, found a different road and was lucky with the ferry – which departed soon after our arrival. I drove Anne back home (in Sogndal) and then continued home towards Sunnmøre. It was a busy, but very rewarding Voss weekend!

Trip statistics: 8,6km, 620 vertical meters, 2h:35m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the hike:

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