Lauvhovden, May 16 2022

A top I had no awareness of

Our hike up and down Lauvhovden
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
16.05.2021 Lauvhovden 815m 113m Voss, Norway

Monday: After the ski-trip to Rjoandeggi, I felt very much for a nice afternoon hike and was able to get Anne along with hiking Lauvhovden.

This was a top I had no awareness of, but it was a) in the vicinity, b) not so high and c) the amount of snow would be acceptable. We decided to check out if there was a good trailhead at Kvitno, but soon gave up the idea – given the amount of snow on the north side of the mountain.

Instead, we drove to Øvre Lemme, to see if we could drive the forest road that seemed to go almost to the top. This road was closed, which meant a 4km hike – each direction.

We needed something to eat first and drove down to Skulestad to refuel our energy levels. I had never been in this part of Voss before and was impressed by the Lønahorgi view.

Lønahorgi above Voss

Back at Øvre Lemme, we parked the car, and I could not find my GPS! I searched and searched but could not find it. Could it have fallen out of my backpack at the Rjoandeggi trailhead? More importantly – would I be willing to do the 50km drive on this terrible road for a NOK 5K device? I was not sure. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow. This hike would simply have to be tracked by the Navida app on my phone.

Heading out from Øvre Lemme

The forest road was easy enough to follow, and I looked forward to one more new pf100 top on my CV.

Klyvsnolten ahead. Not our destination today…

After a while, we reached snow. And the snow was only on the road, not in the terrain!


But eventually, there was snow all around and we followed the road up to a cabin at 731m – at Singeset. This cabin possibly belongs to Voss Ungdomslag. I’m not sure. From here, the top was just a 0,7km hike away.

Lauvhovden ahead

I looked forward to reaching the top and have a look around – towards top I’ve visited when I lived in Hordaland and tops I’ve yet to visit.

We’re almost up and looking towards the forest tops we visited the day before…

And then we were up!

Anne and Karma on Lauvhovden

Despite the modest primary factor (prominence) of 113m, the views are actually quite good. If this is the first time you heard the term primary factor, it just means that only after descending 113m, you can start climbing a higher mountain – which will be obscuring some of the views. But sometimes, it’s not all about what you can see in the distance, but what you can see nearby that matters.

Karma with Lønahorgi in the background

At least we were happy!

Anne on Lauvhovden, with the Raundalen tops in the background

We followed the same route back down and returned to our hotel in Voss. As for the GPS, Anne found it in the car when we started to look seriously for it. This was very good news, as I had no big desire to drive up and down Raundalen early next morning.

After a shower, we went to the Malin restaurant across the street for a Sushi meal. Afterwards, we had a very lazy evening in the hotel room. We both figured we had deserved a lazy evening after our two trips.

Not the best Sushi we’ve had, but OK…

Trip statistics: 7,9km, 435 vertical meters, 2h:10m

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