Rjoandeggi, May 16 2022

Back in the Hordaland mountains!

Our ski-trip to Rjoandeggi
Date Peak/Place Height PF Location WCP
16.05.2021 Rjoandeggi 1339m 253m Voss, Norway
16.05.2021 Rjoandeggi Sør 1221m 47m Voss, Norway

Monday: As the week 19 report revealed – we were in Voss for the weekend and after hiking 3 new forest tops on Sunday – we were more than ready to go skiing. Anne felt strongly for taking the train and do some skiing on the Hardangervidda plateau. I was reluctant, for dog and logistical reasons. So, we agreed on giving Rjoandeggi from Ljosanddalen a try.

The road into Raundalen was terrible. When I lived in Hordaland, I did at least 5-6 trips into this valley, but couldn’t remember any aggravation towards this road. Now, I got some.

But let’s stay on the positive track. We were worried that there wouldn’t be any snow at the trailhead, but there was, and we were off to a good start!

Skiing from the trailhead!

We crossed under the Bergensbanen railway before crossing the bridge across the river Ljosåni.

About to pass under Bergensbanen

From there on, the snow was just pure rotten. For reasons I cannot understand, that didn’t seem to bother Karma one bit…

Poor girl…

Skiing was also a bit cumbersome, but that was definitely 2nd priority compared to a) being on our way to a new top, and b) in glorious weather.

Overall- happy!

In retrospect, we should have headed straight up to the high ridge, rather than aiming for the shortest route to the top.

But eventually, we reached the ridge and skiing (and walking) got a tad easier.

Rjoandeggi summit ahead

As we were approaching the summit, we stuck to the west side – which offered some firmer snow.

Approaching the top

I used to visit mountains in this region 20 years ago, but I never got here. A such, reaching the top felt *extra* nice.

Nice to be here!

We discussed what to do with respect to the descent. One alternative was just to get off the mountain and deal with whatever Ljosanddalen had to offer. On second thought, we assumed the valley had nothing but rotten snow to offer and so we decided to ski along the high ridge until we could make up our minds.

Along the high ridge

We reached the southern top on Rjoandeggi before we had made our minds up.

Signpost says 1212m but it’s closer to 1221m

We were now only 1km from our ascent route and we decided to ski straight down to them. Karma would just have to endure and hopefully get an easier ride once back on the tracks.

As I was skiing on mountain skis, I got a chance to revive some of my Telemark skills. In the beginning, my technique was just as rotten as the snow. But gradually, the technique improved and I was able to pull off some decent Telemark skiing!

Descending from the southern top

The descent went easier than feared – for Karma’s part and we returned to the car – 4 hours and 20 minutes after leaving. Despite the rotten snow – a beautiful ski-trip!

Trip statistics: 12,2km, 750 vertical meters, 4:20m

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

2 thoughts on “Rjoandeggi, May 16 2022

  1. Many mountains have been given the wrong heights and it’s only with satellite technology it’s being corrected.Generally I’ve noticed they are nearly always higher than previously though than lower but with yours of 1112 vs 1121m perhaps it was a mistake by the original map maker mixing up 12 and 21 and it would be repeated? Here it’s even more confusing as some people use feet and others metres and worse if they swap and change between the two measurements…. really confusing!

    1. I’ve had my set of rounds with the Norwegian map authorities, as well as the local municipalities over the years. Some huge mistakes have been corrected, and peaks on alpine ranges have typically been the biggest problem. Nowaways, the technology being used is good, but it’s annoying that one sees different heights, depending on which map layer one is looking at.

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