Levandehornet, Oct 23 2022

Above the fog!

Our route across Levandehornet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
23.10.22 Levandehornet 917m 287m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP

Sunday: To my great delight, Karma was not limping this morning. That was more luck than I had deserved, given my “extravaganza” hike on Sulafjellet the day before.

But today, I would be wise and only do a short hike with her. At the same time, daddy had to get “his” and so I was looking for a cool place to go.

It was a foggy morning, but the fog was hard to read. This top was in the fog, but that top wasn’t. The idea of reaching a top in the Sunnmøre alps and get above the fog was very tempting, but most of them are not straightforward hikes. But Levandehornet is!

You can park at ~370m (in Skorgedalen – toll road) and reach the top in less than 2km of hiking. Of course, it’s steep all the way, but it’s quite a popular hike.

It’s a (relatively) long drive from my place to Skorgedalen but the reward would by far outweigh any effort. But would there be a reward? Passing the Vartdal peaks, the fog hung far down on the mountain side.

But OK, we were on our way to Skorgedalen, so come what may.

When we eventually reached the parking, I didn’t have an imminent feeling of fog-lift.


If you’re hiking this route, make sure you to go left in the fork 100 meters after passing the gate. If you continue straight ahead, you will get a detour.

On the non-detour route…

It was sort of nice hiking in the fog, as I didn’t see how steep it was ahead of us.

Looking down on the parking

The path was surprisingly nice to follow. I had expected a wet and muddy hike from the get-go.

Along the ridge route

And suddenly, the ridge “skyrocketed” ahead of us. I knew that this was the final leg to the top.

It’s getting steep…

50 meters below the top, I had come to terms with no view from the top.

Okay. At least we tried…

But seconds later, we were above it. Holy macaroni, cow, moly and the whole sha-bang!

On top of Levandehornet

This was frickin’ awesome!

View from Levandehornet

I just couldn’t believe the luck. I mean, this is what I hoped for, but these are not the things you can ASK for…

Oh, I just LOVE this…

After “cooling down”, I decided to do a round-trip hike. If I only could put my camera down…

View towards Hyningane

As we headed down the south ridge, I reckoned this was a new route to me. But what I didn’t remember was that this was the route I skied with my good friend Torill, back in 2007.

Heading down the south ridge

I lost the path at Heidane and made an effort to find it again. I didn’t want any more off-trail hiking for Karma.

When we passed Tverrfjellet, the mountain decided to go come out of the fog. I’m not a religious guy, but I took this is as a message from the mountain; “I know you. You’ve been here before“.

Tverrfjellet – rising out of the fog

That morning, back in 2008, I had to take my former dog “Troll” to the vet and relieve him from his epileptic seizure. I was devestated and had to get my mind on something else. The solution was a hike across Hestefjellet and Tverrfjellet – quite airy at times…

Thanks for all the memories…

Back to today; the path led us down Skorgestøylen, from where we followed the “motorway” back to the parking.

Heading for Skorgestøylen

On our way home, I could see that the fog was seriously lifting but I wouldn’t have traded our experience for a hike in sunshine. I visited Levandehornet back in 2019, in pretty OK weather and so I had done that already…

On my way home, and the fog is lifting

Trip statistics: 6km, 580 vertical meters, 1h:50m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max)

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