Some good running, some good hiking…

We had a few wonderful afternoons this week
Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
17.10.22 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
17.10.22 Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
18.10.22 Mosvarden 553m 50m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
19.10.22 Tørla HPT 41m 41m Ålesund, Norway MAP
20.10.22 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
21.10.22 Holstadhornet 531m 98m Hareid, Norway WCP MAP
22.10.22 Vardane, Sula 776m 776m Sula, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
22.10.22 Grøthornet 650m 37m Sula, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
22.10.22 Langerabben 591m 23m Sula, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
23.10.22 Levandehornet 917m 287m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP

Hasundhornet (533m), Garnestua (653m), Oct 17 2022

My route across Hasundhornet and Garnestua

Monday: Inspired by the jog across Rjåhornet and Huldrehornet the day before, I decided to go for another run. Karma was still in no shape to go hiking (limping) and so I could knock myself out.

I decided to do a run across Hasundhornet and Garnestua. This was a route of choice, because if I parked at Løset, I would get 2,7km along the Fjelle gravel road while warming up before ascending Hasundhornet.

There is also a gravel road up to Hasundhornet – much steeper than the forest road across Fjelle, but thanks to the warming up part, I was able to jog all the way to the top.

Dimnøya and Ulsteinvik view on my way to Hasundhornet

Just to recap – I haven’t done any running in 5-6 years, so just be able to do a non-stop jog to Hasundhornet was a big thing for me.

On Hasundhornet – not dead yet…
North view from Hasundhornet

From Hasundhornet, I continued towards Garnestua. The terrain here is difficult for jogging. The path is extremely wet and muddy. And then the path runs steeply up to Flåna (613m). I was -almost- able to run all the way up. From here, Garnestua was only a 0,9km jog away.

This felt very good! I wasn’t particularly tired. Still, I noticed that my body had forgotten about this activity. But it would only be downhill from here.

North view from Garnestua

I had planned 1h:30m for this round and was happy to see that I did this round-trip in just 1h:19m. Don’t get me wrong. That’s NOT impressive, but to me – in my current shape and form – it was a good time.

Lake Fjellsvatnet below, on the way down Garnestua

When I got home, Karma went absolutely BONKERS. I had been away for 2 hours and she was going  NUTS. I took her out for a walk around the block. In the middle of the street was a cat. Karma was going DOUBLE BONKERS. I normally don’t bring the leash for the block round, but I’m so glad I did today. I could barely hold her back. 32Kg of weight multiplied with a whole lot of muscles and power…

Trip statistics: 9,5km, 580 vertical meters, 1h:19m

Mosvarden (553m), Oct 18 2022

My route up and down Mosvarden

Tuesday: It was too soon to go hiking with Karma again, and once again I chose to go running. I carefully scouted my route, giving me the chance to warm up before the uphill. The route from Varleitet (above Ulsteinvik) was perfect, as I would get 2km in easy terrain before the real uphill began.

I stopped for a picture at the end of the gravel road (on the Kiberget) path and then moved on towards Mosvarden.

View from the Kiberget/Mosvarden path

The path towards Mosvarden was *terrible*. Soaking wet and muddy. I felt like jogging in a minefield, trying to avoid the worst parts. But eventually, I could feel solid mountain terrain under my feet and I was able to jog non-stop to the top of Mosvarden (5,1km from the trailhead)

Yeah, this is fun!

Rain was moving in, and I knew that Karma was missing me. So it would be an easy choice to jog back along the gravel road, but I wanted to run longer than I had done in the past days and sat course towards Bugarden.

View from Mosvarden

From Bugarden, it was 2,6km back to the trailhead – some flat stretches but mostly gentle uphill.

I completed the 12,6km round running *all the way*. I was quite proud of myself, even if my legs kept telling me – “hey, we’re not trained for this!

I officially declared that tomorrow would be a resting day

Trip statistics: 12,6km, 590 vertical meters, 1h:36m

Tørla (41m), Oct 19 2022

Our route aross the Tørla island high point

Wednesday: Restitution day for me and baby steps for Karma. I just had to see how she would do outside the block. Preferably on a path. But she’s picky about the Ålesund paths (I had my working day in Ålesund today) and tends to protest when she recognizes the terrain. I guess she’s not too fond about paths. She’s the off-trail kind of dog…

After scouting the map, I decided to drive to Tørla island and hike to the 41m high point. This would meet both our objectives.

Onto the Tørla trail

After 100m along the path, Karma protested and didn’t want to move on. What? Are you in pain?


I decided to test her and pretended going off-trail. She literally JUMPED into the forest, so I concluded it was not a pain-thing. I commanded her back on the path and she kept walking.

All good…

We reached the 41m point, which didn’t produce “ringing in the ears” or mighty fine views. But I had not been here before and that was what it took to make this walk remotely interesting…

On the very top of Tørla

This turned out to be a nice round-trip hike – perfect for Karma – and I got myself an island high point, although the primary factor was way less than 100m.

View from the top

After the hike, I stopped by my good friend Terje Bergset at Hankane and we had a good talk (we hadn’t seen each other for quite a while) and agreed to do some more hikes together.

Nice view from Hankane

Of course, I missed my ferry to Hareidlandet with 10 seconds. There’s just no “courtesy” anymore. But the next ferry left 20 minutes later. Tolerable. If it had been 30, it would have been intolerable

Ah, darn…

The good news was that Karma completed the round without limping. I will make sure to gradually increase her walking. I don’t want another week of limping…

Trip statistics: 2,8km, 110 vertical meters, 0h:40m

Hasundhornet (533m), Oct 20 2022

Our route across Hasundhornet

Thursday: It was time to take Karma out on the trails again. I was thinking long and hard about where to go. Important factors were distance, vertical meters and type of trail. Eventually, I decided to go for the “long round” across Hasundhornet from Fjelle.

Heading for Hasundhornet

I didn’t really matter that I found a perfectly good path, as Karma was happiest outside of it. So, I had to command her back on the path all the time. She didn’t like that…

Cool silhouette…

The weather was stunning, and the colors and shades were awesome.

Overlooking Ulsteinvik

I had not a flinch of desire to run. My body was in serious need of restitution.

Dimnøya island

Karma seemed to be doing quite well and reached the top without any signs of limping.

On Hasundhornet, and no – she’s not grinding her teeth. Light effect…

It was a beautiful afternoon to be out walking!

Dimnøya and Ulsteinvik view

We took the gravel road down and met a BUNCH of people going up. “Bunch” as in like a dozen. Which is still a lot in these parts. The new gravel road is a big success, measured in number of visitors.

Heading down

Altogether a nice walk where Karma entered the car, seemingly looking fine. She was a little … precautious getting out of the car, and I gave her a helping hand, just to be on the safe side.

Trip statistics: 5,7km, 260 vertical meters, 1h:21m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max)

Holstadhornet (531m), Oct 21 2022

Our route across Holstadhornet

Friday: The weather was still stunning, and I could kill for a proper hike in the Sunnmøre alps after work. But Karma was still in the “building up” phase and I decided to find a hike just slightly longer than the hike the day before.

The choice ended up being Holstadhornet above Hareid. It’s been a little while since I did this hike, and I remembered the hike to run in easy terrain. And it started out very nice…

I also met my former colleague Bernhard & wife. Very nice!

On our way to Holstadhornet

We stopped at Håbakknotten (272m) on our way up, to enjoy the view towards Hareid.

Hareid seen from Håbakknotten

From there on, the path was wet and muddy. It was NO FUN at all. I should have worn rubber boots…

Heading for Holstadhornet

I decided to not let it bother me and kept on enjoying the beautiful weather.

Wonderful view (Jønshornet)

And then we reached the top.

On top of Holstadhornet

Upon descent, I decided to hike down to the Holstadhornet – Skafjellet pass and take the Gjerdet route down. I was NOT tempted to take any short-cuts to risk any further injuries to Karma’s leg.

The Sulesund – Hareid shuttle ferries

After the hike, I noticed when updating my GPS map that I had NOT done the route from the pass to Gjerdet before. Bonus!

Valderøya island

I was happy after the hike. Maybe Karma could join me for some longer walks this weekend…

Trip statistics: 7,6km, 515 vertical meters, 1h:56m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max)

Vardane (Sula), Oct 22 2022

Ålesund view from Flesjehornet

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Levandehornet (917m), Oct 23 2022

On top of Levandehornet

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