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Oystercatcher in Fjærland


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
15.05.23 Kambafjellet 1230m 25m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP
15.05.23 Blåfjellet 1401m 151m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP
16.05.23 Turrlifjellet 647m 16m Sogndal, Norway MAP
17.05.23 Smørhovden 704m 61m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP
19.05.23 Nesahaugen 670m 7m Sogndal, Norway MAP
21.05.23 Amlaholten 508m 265m Sogndal, Norway WCP MAP

Blåfjellet (1401m), May 15 2023

My route up and down Blåfjellet

Monday: Inspired by the nice ski-trip to Vardeggi on Gaularfjellet the day before, I decided to ski Blåfjellet in Sogndal after work.

This would be a solo ski-trip. I didn’t trust the snow to carry Karma’s weight. I drove up to Rindabotn and was alone at the skiing centre. The skiing season was seemingly over…


The easiest way to get up the mountain was to ski below the lifts

A steep ascent coming up…

On top of the ski lifts, I had Blåfjellet in clear view. On my way up, I noticed that I had lost one of my skin clips. Not a big disaster, but the skins were brand new, and it was just annoying to lose one so soon.

On top of the lift

I could see a skier way ahead of me. I caught up with her just before Kambafjellet. We had a quick chat, and she would not continue to Blåfjellet.

View towards Anestølen

I first skied to the westernmost top, possibly the highest top of the two up here – and formerly located in Leikanger municipality.

View from the 1401m top

Then I skied to the top where the cairn is, wondering what kind of descent I had ahead of me.

On the 1401m top. The cairn top in the background

I considered skiing down my ascent route, in case I would spot the skin clip. But, in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it. The chance of spotting it was slim.

I’m officially saying that this was the worst ski-descent ever. The snow was sticky like glue. This mountain is not steep enough to let gravity play a part and so the entire run down was a sad affair.

Nice light near Voggebreen

Once back at Rindabotn, I took the skis off. I had only a few meters to the car. Just as I bent down to release the skis, I noticed something in the grass. It was my skin clip! That just made my day!

Helleberget to the right

Trip statistics: 9,6km, 875 vertical meters, 2h:31m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the trip:

Turrlifjellet (647m), May 16 2023

Our route across Turrlifjellet

Tuesday: I was actually on my way to hike Amlaholten after work, but then I noticed a forest path just before the Amla tunnel and I was curious to see where it went.

Cool. Where does this path go?

It didn’t go very far. We soon reached a tractor road which I had no intention of following. So, we went off-trail, going somewhere…

Every now and then, we came across paths

I was a bit curious about Karma. She had a long walk with Anne earlier in the day – to Nigardsbreen glacier and she looked a bit tired when she got back. But when I “saddled up” for my hike, she was in the hallway. Because that’s just how it usually works, or if she wanted more walking, I will never know. She had looked a little bit down on the path but as soon we went off-trail, she was all fired up…

Anne-cam: Karma by Nigardsbreen glacier earlier in the day

Eventually, I decided to hike to Turrlifjellet – a small forest hump in the Kaupanger forest that I hadn’t previously been to. Eventually, I had to adjust my direct course because of the terrain ahead of me…

Steep! Turning right…

There are not a lot of viewpoints in this forest, but at least I got a good glimpse of Amlaholten – my original goal.


Eventually, we reached Turrlifjellet – although it wasn’t easy to pinpoint the high point. So, I made sure I visited all the potential spots…

This is as good high point as any point up here…

We took a different route down the mountain, partly on-trail, partly off-trail and partly along deer tracks.

We had a nice light at the end of the hike

Trip statistics: 7,7km, 400 vertical meters, 1h:55m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the

Smørhovden (704m), May 17 2023

Our hike across Smørhovden

Wednesday: Norway’s Constitution Day but it wouldn’t be the traditional ski-trip today. We were invited to lunch at friends in Sogndalsfjøra.

Afterwards, Anne wanted to stay in downtown Sogndal and watch the parades, while I took Karma and drove to Øvstedalen to hike Smørhovden.


We had a steep ascent up the forest! After a little while, we joined the tractor road to Alpastølen.

Approaching Alpastølen

I was hoping to avoid snow on this hike, while Karma had a slightly different perspective

OK, different perspectives…

There was not a whole lot of snow left on this side of the forest, so the hike to the top was easy.

On our way to Smørhovden

And then we were on top!

On top of Smørhovden

I decided to continue towards Skardet, descend to Skardsbø and return via the road. I almost regretted this decision when I saw the amount of snow ahead of me.


Luckily, when we stayed on the south side, there was little snow left and then we joined the S1 path.

Passing Øyrahagestølen

After passing Øyrahagestølen and Skardsbøstølen, we reached Skardet.

In Skardet

At Skardsbø, the car was 2,6km away (walking distance)

At Skardsbø

It’s not super-fun to hike this road, but you can enjoy fjord views and Smørhovden above.

Along the road back to Alpen

And maybe pull out some better selfies than I did…

Potential, but bad outcome…

Trip statistics: 8km, 650 vertical meters, 2h:03m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the

Nesahaugen (670m), May 19 2023

Our hike to Nesahaugen

Friday: This weekend, we attended a private event in the beautiful village Fjærland.

In Fjærland

A part of this event was a hike up to Nesahaugen. We were 11 persons and one dog heading out.

Ready for a nice hike!

Anne and I had been up here before, passing on our way up Jordalsnipa back in 2013. I remembered Jordalsnipa, but nothing from Nesahaugen.

We headed out from Homrane, just south of the Fjærland village along a marked trail.

On our way to Nesahaugen

The first stop was at “Oslo Plass”. Someone has had a great sense of humor in naming this spot…

Pause at “Oslo Plass”

Then we continued up to Hamrastølen where we had lunch.

Lunch at Hamrastølen

At Hamrastølen, we “lost” Eva and Bjørn – who figured that their knees were quite happy about turning around here. Going up is not a problem, but what goes up must come down…

Again, I was hoping we would avoid snow and Karma had the opposite idea. She won…

Almost happy for you…

It was actually a good deal of snow in the upper forest, but fortunately the snow wasn’t totally rotten.

The group is entering Nesahaugen

Then it was time for a group picture

From left: Tom, Hanne, Karma, Anne, Terje, Lena, Geir, Tordis and Maria

You gather a bunch of old people on a mountain top and anything can happen.

Oh my goshness…

Well, calling a Nesahaugen a “top” is stretching it to the fullest. It is at best a small hump. But, who cares? We had a good time!

Enjoying our stay on Nesahaugen

And we had nice views too…

The coastal express is passing

Trip statistics: 6,6km, 650 vertical meters, 3h:53m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Amlaholten (508m), May 21 2023

Our hike across Amlaholten

Sunday: Back in Sogndal, after spending 2 nights in Fjærland. I decided to take the dog a hike up to Hesteggi (907m).

But the dog was not interested and stopped walking after 100 meters. One has to respect that, but I had to figure out what the problem actually was. Didn’t she want to walk at all or had she grown a dislike towards this top?

Hesteggi trailhead. This was a no-go

To find out, I drove to Kaupanger to see if she was willing to hike Amlaholten along the forest path.

She was…

You’re an enigma…

Now that I knew she wasn’t sick or anything, I could go off-trail and she didn’t mind one bit. On the contrary…

Back to normal…

Once on the high ridge, I took her to a nice viewpoint. I know she likes the Sognefjord…

Look, Karma! The fjord!

I’m joking, of course. Then we went up to the high point where she knew that treats were awaiting.

On top of Amlaholten

On the way down, I found a viewpoint that hadn’t caught my attention before. One has an – almost – pretty good Kaupanger view from here.

Kaupanger view from Amlaholten

Then I decided to go off another off-trail escapade. Karma didn’t mind that at all.

Eventually, we joined the forest trail and returned to the car.

Returning to the trailhead

Unfortunately, Karma had gotten another hot-spot and it was difficult to get it fixed. I have a great cortisone spray that heals this quickly, but yesterday she had been biting on the wound and it was all bloody again. And now, the bandage had fallen off. As such, I didn’t want to leave her alone in the back of the car until I got a new bandage on her. So, she had to sit in the front seat back to Sogndal. She really seemed to like that! Like, “so THIS is what it’s like from up here. Wow…

Enjoy it while you can! This is a one-time exception

Back home, darling Anne had got the barbeque going…

I am spoiled rotten. Honestly…

Trip statistics: 4,8km, 340 vertical meters, 1h:18m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the

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