Trail maintenance begins…

Repainting sticks on Rjåhornet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
22.05.23 Årheimsfjellet 1007m 177m Stryn, Norway MAP
23.05.23 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
24.05.23 Rambjøra 132m 109m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
25.05.23 Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein, Norway WCP MAP
26.05.23 Rjåhornet 600m 107m Herøy, M&R, Norway WCP MAP
27.05.23 Nakken 180m 22m Herøy, M&R, Norway MAP
28.05.23 Melshornet 809m 567m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP
28.05.23 Grøthornet 745m 57m Ørsta/Volda, Norway WCP MAP
28.05.23 Sandhornet 660m 17m Ørsta/Volda, Norway WCP MAP

Årheimsfjellet (1107m), May 22 2023

Our hike across Årheimsfjellet

Monday: After spending the weekend in Sogndal, I had to get back to Sunnmøre and like in September 2022, I chose to walk the dog on Årheimsfjellet, Stryn.

On our way to Årheimsfjellet

It was a nice afternoon…

Lovely view towards Olden

We took the regular path up the forest, and the plan was to head to Oppheimssætra first. But I missed the exit.

On our way to Raksætra, not Oppheimsætra

And so, we ended up at Raksætra instead.


No worries, as there was a path from Raksætra up to Oppheimssætra.

Heading to Oppheimsætra

Now, we were back on track.

There was still snow on the mountain, which was excellent for Karma and not so fun for me…

Take your time. I’ll wait…

But the snow didn’t take away much from my hike. There was just something about the weather and I loved being up here!

A wonderful afternoon!

Did I mention that Karma loved the snow?

The good life…

Instead of following the path to the top, we descended a little so that I could get a panorama picture of the valley near Stryn. I wasn’t willing to descend far enough to got Stryn in view.

Almost Stryn view

Then, we went up to the top.

On top of Årheimsfjellet

Like last year, we descended towards Raksætra. In September, I had no problems locating the path. That was not so easy in May and half the descent was off-trail.

But eventually, we got down to Raksætra and followed the path back to the trailhead.


Is NOK 85, – fair for a 2-hour parking? It’s a little stiff if you ask me, but that was the price for the parking, no matter how long your hike takes. Within a 24-hour period, that is…

Trip statistics: 8,2km, 760 vertical meters, 2h:05m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max) from the

Rjåhornet (600m), May 23 2023

Our route across Rjåhornet

Tuesday: The trail maintenance season started for real today – with repainting sticks. My first route was the Djupvika – Rjåhornet route, and I also got to check out the new wooden walkways put in place by my colleagues in “Turstiprosjektet Myrvåg/Tjørvåg”. Very nice!


The sticks in the lower part of the mountain were OK. I just made sure they were properly stuck in the ground.

So far, so good

The paint on the sticks was OK until the final hill. But then, I had to get to work…

A little “ketchup” does wonders…

The typical scenario was that the paint had been peeled off on one or two sides, while the remaining sides were OK. Of course, I gave all sides a refresh…

In need for a refresh…

And then we were on top…

On Rjåhornet

One route “down”. 3 to go…

On our way down, we took the Rjåhornet – Nakken – Djupvika route. Major bush-work needed on the Nakken route…

On Nakken, looking back on Rjåhornet

Trip statistics: 8km, 650 vertical meters, 2h:50m

Rambjøra (132m), May 24 2023

Our hike across Rambjøra

Wednesday: This was not a good weather day and I decided to spend it in the Rambjøra forest, ripping roots.

Rain and wind on Rambjøra

The rainbow was nice though…

Rainbow on Rambjøra

The only problem with the rainbow was that we got soaking wet…

In any case, I got to do some good on another section of the path, while enjoying a nice light on the top of Rambjøra…

Trail maintenance on Rambjøra

Little by little, the path is getting better.

At least, now it’s possible to see where the path is

And I finished yet another section before calling it a day.

Wrapping up for the day

Trip statistics: 3,8km, 130 vertical meters, 2h:18m

Hasundhornet (533m), May 25 2023

Our route up and down Hasundhornet

Thursday: The weather was incredibly bad today. As I had a bit of a down-day as well, I really considered staying at home.

After resting an hour after work, I was totally wrecked. All I wanted to do was to sleep for the rest of the evening and night. But, after a serious “interview” with myself, I managed to get out of the front door and set course for Fjelle and Hasundhornet.

Heading for Hasundhornet

It was raining on our way up and on top – the weather was really miserable. A cold, cold strong wind along with rain. Karma didn’t enjoy her stay up there.

Let’s get off this mountain…

On the way down, the wind increased. It was as far from memorable as it can get, but I had defeated the doorstep and that felt like a major, major win today…

Heading down from Hasundhornet

Trip statistics: 3km, 200 vertical meters, 0h:39m

Rjåhornet (600m), May 26 2023

Our hike across Rjåhornet

Friday: Today, I sat out for repainting sticks on route 2/4 to Rjåhornet. This particular section was the one connecting Rjåhornet to the Sollia trail. The weather was not great…

In the Røddalshorn – Sollia pass

We got a good hike before the paintbrush came out of the backpack.


Fortunately, the fog didn’t cover Sollia…

We’re in the clear…

…like it covered higher mountains.

Glad to be below the fog

Eventually, we got to the marked route to Rjåhornet, and I could start painting.

A stick in need of paint

It was incredibly windy up there and I had to instruct Karma to keep her distance.

A windy mountain

The wind decreased as we approached Rjåhornet, and Karma could maintain her usual “closeness”.

That’s OK. No paint splatter here

Getting to a top on a maintenance day is always a bonus.

On top of Rjåhornet

On the way down, we took the Leikongbakken route. Karma had her hare-radar turned on. Not that she’s allowed to run after them, but she only remembers that if it’s an actual situation.

A hare just passed by

All in all, a nice hike!

On our way to Leikongbakken, on a seldom used route

Trip statistics: 9,1km, 580 vertical meters, 2h:54m

Nakken (180m), May 27 2023

Our route across Nakken

Saturday: Another bad day, weatherwise. And so, I decided to rip bush on the Nakken forest top.

There is a significant leg that is in serious need of maintenance, but at least we covered one part of it today.

Before and after

After reaching the top, we continued down to Leikong and returned to Djupvika along the main road.

On Nakken

Trip statistics: 4,7km, 230 vertical meters, 2h:05m

Melshornet (809m), Grøthornet (745m), Sandhornet (660m), May 28 2023

Our route today

Sunday: No trail maintenance today. The weather was crappy, and I was in deep need for a new route on a well-known mountain. The choice fell on Melshornet, after discovering that there was a path adjacent to my regular skiing route – that I hadn’t hiked or skied.

We parked at Helgatun – and only a few meters from the regular skiing route, I found the path I had seen on the map.

Happy to be somewhere we haven’t been before

It was a nice path. Soaking wet, but nice because it was a path that I hadn’t noticed before.

Approaching Melsætra

The path led us up to Melsætra.

Passing Melsætra

After Melsætra the weather deteriorated significantly, and it started snowing. I mean, come on! It’s almost June! The snow didn’t melt upon touchdown, so the shower was legit!


Eventually, the snow shower passed, and the world looked normal again…

View towards Sandhornet

There was still a good amount of snow left on the mountain, but at this point I had already decided to descend via Grøthornet and Sandhornet.

Grøthornet to our left

When we got to the snow fields on Melshornet, Karma had a ball!

Knock yourself out…

One thing is for certain – she brought colors to a grey day!

A little color helps on a day like this…

And then we were up!

Overlooking Ørsta

The next stop was Grøthornet. Below the top, we got an incredible light. Not able to put light onto the camera, but it was special!

A nice shine below Grøthornet

From Grøthornet, we continued towards Sandhornet – the top of the ski-lifts.

On Sandhornet

The plan had been to descend along the ski-slopes, but I changed my mind and went off-trail instead.

Off-trail from Sandhornet

Eventually, we joined the normal skiing route – which we followed back to Helgatun.

Returning to Helgatun along the winter track

All in all, a fun roundtrip hike!

Trip statistics: 8,9km, 650 vertical meters, 2h:18m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

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