Liahornet, Jun 4 2023

On top of Liahornet


Date Peak Height PF Location WCP/FP MAP
04.06.23 Liahornet 1035m 245m Ørsta, Norway WCP MAP

Sunday: This Sunday would be all about enjoying ourselves in the mountains and nothing to do with repainting sticks, ripping bush or adjusting mailboxes. I proposed a hike to Liahornet from Rjåneset and was very happy to when Anne gave thumbs up!

Our route across Liahornet

I had done the Rjåneset – Liahornet route once before, but Anne hadn’t. I very much looked forward to showing her this nice route.

We stopped by Halse (Liadal) and dropped of my bike, as part of the plan was to come down this way.

Then we drove to Rjåneset and found the trailhead. There were no signs of private property, so we took our chances and parked the car. Bad decision. More about that later on…

At the Rjåneset trailhead

The path up to Rjåneskamben was nice. Gently climbing and not too steep.

Going up the forest

But before we got to Rjåneskamben, we came to a trail fork that I didn’t remember. The signpost pointed towards Liavarden, which I didn’t know what was. After consulting the map, we concluded that this path would bypass Rjåneskamben and take us to the next hill. Which was OK.

The path was nice, following slabs up the mountain.

On our way to Liavarden

We decided not to stop by Liavarden and sat course directly for Liahornet.

Aiming straight for Liahornet

It was a hot day and Karma needed to chill down now and then…

Take your sweet time, darling…

The ridge up to Liahornet was steep enough!

Up the ridge to Liahornet

But eventually, we reached the summit ridge and were on top minutes later.

On the ridge to the summit

It was really, really nice to be up here!

On top of Liahornet

The views were outrageous!

View from Liahornet
View from Liahornet – towards Hareidlandet

We had lunch on top and enjoyed every minute of our stay.

Lunch on Liahornet

But then it was time to descend into Liadalen.

Descending from Liahornet

I didn’t know if the ridge towards Grøthornet was too steep for bringing a dog, but we took our chances. It turned out that the ridge was steep, but very easy. No problems whatsoever.

Descending Liahornet

Karma looked overall happy


We had a nice descent towards Liadalen and reached the valley path without too much bush fight…

Descending into Liadalen

At Halse, Anne and Karma took a break while I pulled out the bike and headed for Rjåneset to pick up the car.

See ya soon!

I admit that I had some second thoughts about parking where we did, and when I got there, another car was blocking me. The message was crystal clear. I had to ring the doorbell and when the owner of the car opened the door, I laid myself flat on the ground – apologizing. Once back in upright position, I explained why we did it.

The guy was OK and admitted that there wasn’t a “private property” sign when we left the car. But now there was! We had a good tone. The guy moved his car and I could drive back to Halse to pick up Anne and Karma.

All in all, a superb hike!

Liahornet seen on our way home

Trip statistics: 9,1km (+3,2km on bike), 1060 vertical meters, 4h:35m
Pictures (Canon EOS RP/Iphone 13 Pro Max/Samsung) from the

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