Slakkafjellet, Reppanipa, Stedjeåsen, Feb 13-15 2017

3 very nice afternoon hikes on frozen snow

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Slakkafjellet 855m 242m Sogndal WCP
Reppanipa 944m 101m Sogndal
Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal WCP
Karma on Reppanipa, Feb 14 2017

I stayed almost for a week with my girlfriend Anne in Sogndal, and these pictures are from 3 very nice afternoon hikes to Slakkafjellet, Reppanipa and Stedjeåsen – 3 tops in a row above Sogndal.

Slakkafjellet, 855m, Feb 13 2017

Instead of following the mountain service road up to the power plant on Skardsbøfjellet, I hiked along the power line, passing Flugheimshaugen. The snow carried my weight and the only worry was that the snow would be too hard in the steepest slopes. I followed the same route as a descended on skis, the last time I was on this mountain.

I love hiking on frozen snow, and especially in gorgeous weather! The total hike was 5,5km, with a vertical gain of 670m.

Reppanipa, 944m, Feb 14 2017

I drove up Sogndalsdalen and took the Gjerde exit. I parked at the start of the forest road to Drivdal, as I planned to come this way. I then headed up towards Tuftene and followed the snowy forest road to Tuftestølen. From here, I took a direct bearing towards the summit.

The plan was to descend to Drivdal and follow the forest road down. I could possibly run out of daylight, so I had to speed it up a little. But when Karma and I reached the creek Slumpa, I had problems finding a place we could safely get across.

I then decided to just hike down the forest, alongside the creek. We joined the Drivdal road just above the place where I had parked the car. A few minutes later, and the headlamp would have had to come on. The total hike was 7km and the vertical gain was 610m.

Stedjeåsen, 624m, feb 15 2017

The final hike in Sogndal on this extended stay. The trailhead was Anne’s house, as she lives at the foothills of this mountain.

Karma and I followed an off-trail route that we both really like, for different reasons. There is so much more to smell for Karma here, as the deer stay away from the area where hiking trails run.

The highest point is located 150m SW from the mailbox, and is seldom visited because of boggy terrain in-between. But on frozen snow, there is no excuse for NOT visiting the high point. Upon descent, we followed the regular path. The total distance was 5,4km and the vertical gain 585m.



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