Misc. hikes, Oct 2016

Some after work hikes in October

Peaks visited:

Peak Height PF Municipality WCP
Rjåhornet 598m 105m Herøy WCP
Vardane (Sulafjellet) 776m 776m Sula WCP
Sollia 661m 661m Herøy/Sande WCP
Melshornet 668m 560m Hareid WCP
Skolma 636m 483m Hareid WCP
Garnestua 653m 415m Ulstein WCP
Hasundhornet 533m 93m Ulstein WCP
Huldrehornet 271m 113m Herøy WCP
Øyrahornet 417m 42m Herøy
Sandvikhornet 352m 14m Herøy
Skåla 184m 86m Herøy
Røddalshorn 563m 100m Sande WCP
Rundebranden 294m 141m Herøy WCP
Stedjeåsen 624m 121m Sogndal WCP
On Rundebranden, Oct 24 2016

Rjåhornet, Oct 4

Straight from a 3 hour drive from Sogndal and up to Rjåhornet. Brought a pole for a signpost we would put up later.

Vardane (Sula), Oct 5

Working day in Ålesund. Visited Sulafjellet on the way home. A gorgeous afternoon!

Sollia, Oct 6

Running all the way from Leikongeidet. New personal record: 43m:48s to the top ( 5km, 610 vertical meters)

Melshornet, Oct 9

A nice jog in gorgeous weather. 31m:37s to the top (3,4km, 555 vertical meters). Far from my best time up this mountain.

Sollia, Oct 10

Brought a digging bar up to Sollia for later use…

Skolma, Oct 11

Another jogging trip from Ytreflø. 47m:24m to the top (5,1km, 635m vertical meters)

Garnestua & Hasundhornet, Oct 12

The nice weather period doesn’t seem to end. Beautiful round trip hike from Garsholhaugen.

Sollia, Oct 13

Brought a sledge and two poles for putting up signposts later on…

Rjåhornet & Huldrehornet, Oct 14

Anne dropped me off at Leikongeidet, and joined the hike for a little while before she returned. Karma and I walked home, across Rjåhornet and Huldrehornet. On Huldrehornet, we met some guys who landed in a helicopter to measure the height of the mountain.

Øyrahornet, Sandvikhornet, Skåla, Oct 19

A nice round trip hike from Tjørvåg.

Røddalshorn, Oct 21

A nice, late afternoon hike with Anne & Karma

Rundebranden, Oct 24

A late afternoon hike with Anne, Lena, Terje & Karma

Stedjeåsen, Oct 28

Back in Sogndal. The gorgeous weather period is definitely over!

Karma on Stedjeåsen

Stedjeåsen, Oct 30

At least it didn’t hail or snow…

Karma on Stedjeåsen

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