Fremstadhøgda, Dec 31 2021

Christmas break, day 10 (and New Year’s Eve)

Today’s trip to and from Fremstadhøgda

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Fremstadhøgda 501m 71m Søndre Land, Norway

Continued from day 9

Day 10 and our first full day in Hov, Søndre Land. The Skjeskroken base-camp at Eva & Bjørn’s place is always a place where I relax and enjoy being at.

My plan today was to ski from Skjeskroken to Fremstadhøgda – which is no prominent top but it is the highest point south of Gjøviklinna and the 2 roads from Hov. As such – a place I wanted to visit. Eva & Bjørn had plans for today but Anne wanted to come along.

Ready for Fremstadhøgda!

There was not much snow around and in retrospect this could easily have been a walk. But we brought the skis, left Skjeskroken, passed Sveum and made a wrong turn which made us cross Lauselva river much lower than need be.

We then noticed the forest path to the Løkjehaugen viewpoint and decided to follow it through the forest.

On the forest path to Løkjehaugen

As already stated, we might as well have been walking

OK to ski up here, but certainly not down…

After a little while we noticed a “Severdighet” signpost (something-to-see) pointing to the river. So we headed down there. That is, Karma had to stay put.

Please wait…

I’m not exactly sure what something-to-see was, but it was a cool place. I instantly wanted to hike Lauselva river on the ice. Maybe another winter.

Anne in Lauselva river

On the forest path, we met Dag Sørum, who told us he went to school with Bjørn. We walked together up to Øystad, where we parted.

Rising up from Øystad, skiing along the road. Hov and Randsfjorden in the background.

We were now on the forest road going *deep* into the forest but we would only follow this road for a short while before we went into the forest, looking for the Fremstadhøgda high point.

Into the high forest

And what do you know – in the forest we got sunshine!


There were two 500m points in this forest. We were pretty sure the easternmost point was the highest.

On Fremstadhøgda high point

We also visited the easternmost point and this was NOT the highest point. Happy about this odd “expedition”, we returned to Skjeskroken – along different routes where it was natural.

Later in the evening, it was time for the traditional turkey dinner. Top score, as always.

A merry bunch, about to “dive in”

And lo and behold, we all managed to stay awake until the New Year arrived. We were all happy to see both 2020 and 2021 go down in the history books and were cautiously optimistic about what 2022 had in store for us. The end of the Pandemic, maybe? Time would tell.

Happy New Year, Bjørn, Anne, Eva and Elisabeth!

There wasn’t a lot of fireworks in “this part of the woods” but enough to make Karma uneasy. Fortunately, it didn’t last long and Karma fell to sleep together with the rest of us – safe and sound!

OK – 2022, let’s see what you got…

Continued on day 11

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