Helvetesberget, Jan 1 2022

Christmas break, day 11

Out skiing with Eva & Bjørn
Tops visited:
Top Height PF Municipality
Helvetesberget 539m 66m Søndre Land, Norway

Continued from day 10

My very first thought in 2022 was:  “ski-trip“. My second was “yippie, no hangover“…

My very first view after opening my eyes in 2022

But first, the usual “rituals” – get out of bed, breakfast, etc. Fortunately, I was not the only one who was in the mood for a ski-trip.

The natural choice was the prepared tracks from Hovde to Puttmyra – 3,3km each way. We skied out from the “base-camp” in Skjeskroken. I took my old skating skis and put some blue wax on, just to get some grip.

Heading out from Skjeskroken

I knew that we would not get prepared tracks from Sagdammen, like there usually is – but the route wasn’t bad at all.

Skiing past Sagdammen

We eventually reached “Tyskervegen“, followed it a little while and then got on the prepared track to Puttmyra.

Karma had done A LOT of running this Christmas, but showed no apparent signs of fatigue

She’s either dead or totally happy…

At Puttmyra, it was time to turn around although Karma didn’t seem to agree.

Oh, Karma…

The best part so far was the descent down to “Tyskervegen”. We had a good pace down that hill…

Anne enjoyed this hill too
Then Eva followed. Bjørn took his time and didn’t get a picture…

We took a different route back and I wasn’t totally happy with a ski-trip that didn’t include a named point. I then suggested to Anne that we could ski to Helvetesberget – “Hell mountain“. Just in case 2022 turned out to be another hell year, we could at least come in prepared…

Approaching the Helvetesberget forest

We didn’t have a lot of daylight left and no headlamps. But we figured we would be back before darkness. After skiing along the forest path (we might as well be walking) we reached the viewpoint above the “Helvetet” farm.

Viewpoint above “Helvetet”

From here, we would just let the GPS lead us to the high point – where we’ve been before (in summer) but didn’t remember anything from.

On Helvetesberget – the last top this Christmas break

It was (of course) snowing the following night and I didn’t sleep well. As stated before, I *hate* driving during snowfall. But it stopped snowing in the morning and I got Anne back to Sogndal safe and sound. After dropping her off, I continued back home to Sunnmøre – a 474km drive from Hov. I was very happy about the Christmas break but I was equally happy about not having to drive anywhere for the foreseeable future…

Today’s ski-trip – 18,6km

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