Hov, Søndre Land, Dec 30 2021

Christmas break, day 9

Extended walking-the-dog route – 8km

Continued from day 8

Sjusjøen had a good dump of fresh snow the night before we left. I *hate* driving during snowfall and did NOT look forward to the drive to Hov in Søndre Land. But fortunately, it stopped snowing and we could drive on good roads down to Lillehammer where we visited Anne’s relative Liv Jorunn before moving on to Hov by Randsfjorden.

When we arrived at our friends Eva and Bjørn in Skjeskroken (they say it’s spelled “Scheeskroken”), I was just tired and wanted to rest. The only problem was that I was ~400 vertical meters short of reaching 150,000 vertical meters in 2021. Hmm…

When I learned that Eva and Anne would walk down to Hov to shop groceries, I decided to tag along. Vertical meters downhill don’t count but instead of riding with Bjørn back up, me and Karma would walk…

Along the road to Nordberg

We didn’t take the shortest route to Hov but eventually we got there…

In Hov, parting

Me and Karma took followed the main road (on the sidewalk) but then headed up to Midtberg and joined our descent route.

On our way back to Skjeskroken

This walk gave me 8km and 240 vertical meters. If I only did ~200 meters the next day, 150,000 was in the bag. While I don’t have any particular vertical meter goal after giving up on the annual 200,000 it would feel *bad* having missed 150,000 with such a small margin.

The rest of the evening was ALL about relaxing…

With Eva, Anne and Bjørn in Skjeskroken

Continued on day 10

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