Andersnatten, June 16 2022

Roadtrip to Kongsberg, part 1


Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Andersnatten 733m 263m Sigdal, Norway

Thursday: The day had come to travel to the company division summer party, taking place in Kongsberg the following day. My colleagues from the Ålesund region were going there by air and train while I decided to drive – hoping to get myself some new tops during the drive down and especially – on the drive to Sogndal – where I would stay for a day or two before returning home to Sunnmøre. The drive would be 1100km+ in total, but hopefully worth it.

Some logistics had to be applied with respect to Karma. Anne was in Trondheim and would return to my place in the afternoon. I left home at noon and dropped Karma off with some friends. Anne would pick Karma up there and return to Sogndal the next day.

It was raining when I left Sunnmøre, but the weather was much better in eastern Norway. I looked forward to a sunny weekend!

Across Valdresflya, heading for better weather

My plan was to get better acquainted with the mountains between Eggedal and Uvdal and on the way to Kongsberg, I decided to hike Andersnatten. The other tops I had in mind would have to wait until the weekend, on my way to Sogndal.

Andersnatten seen from the road

I drove 7h:20m non-stop from Ulsteinvik to the Andersnattjennet trailhead near Sigdal. The toll road fare was NOK 60, – (Vipps). I was kind of in a hurry, because I was already 30 minutes behind “plan”, thanks to road work on Strynefjellet. And I wanted to check into the hotel well before midnight.

The trailhead and the signpost

I found the “Andersnatten” signpost and started out in a light jog until I reached the first uphill. Then I realized I’m not a mountain runner anymore…

Andersnatten on the other side of the lake

I still kept on going fast up the forest and enjoyed the well-worn forest path.

Looking back on the path

Just before the top, I came across “Bratt” (steep) painted on a rock. And sure enough, there was a slightly steep section, but I would not have had any problems getting Karma up and down there. There was also an alternative route (“Slak”) (not steep) for those who are not too happy about steep terrain.

The “steep” pitch

I reached the top 25 minutes after heading out and expected to see a cairn up there. I found none, but there was not any doubt about the high point…

The top of Andersnatten

I enjoyed the views for a minute or so before turning around…

View from Andersnatten

I jogged all the way down and returned to the car exactly one hour after I left it. The time was now 20:25 and according to the GPS, Kongsberg was just a one-hour drive away. After a short break in Lampeland, I arrived in Kongsberg 21:50 and was checked into my hotel 10 minutes later.

I had no info about tomorrow’s company event, other than it would begin at 14:00 and last until 23:30. This meant that I would be working from the hotel room the first part of Friday.

Trip statistics: 4,6km, 325 vertical meters, 1 hour

Pictures (Canon EOS RP) from the hike:

Continued on day 2

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