Haraberget, June 17 2022

Roadtrip to Kongsberg, part 2

View towards Jonsknuten – visited in Sep 2021

Tops visited:

Top Height PF Municipality
Haraberget 422 109m Kongsberg, Norway

Continued from day 1

Friday: I woke up in my hotel room in Kongsberg 5:30am and had two options – 1) go back to sleep or 2) get dressed and hike Haraberget, some 10km outside Kongsberg before the working day began. I chose to start the day by getting a new pf100 top…

My route to Haraberget

I first went to Ulleberg as I thought I would get to the Plommetjernveien forest road from here. I probably would, but decided not to continue when I saw a signpost saying the road was private. Then I drove to Hvamsal to see if I could find an entry point from there. Eventually, I decided to abandon the idea as I would literally driving through a farm at 6am in the morning.

So, I took road 286 in the direction of Drammen and parked near Teigen, by the Råen exit. I had brought my bike, but the tractor road in the direction of Liveløkka and Plassen was way too steep – at least at this time of the day.

It’s steeper than it looks, and it got even steeper!

I had to laugh about this crazy drive for visiting new tops, but at the same time it was a beautiful morning!


At Liveløkka, I was able to do some biking and left the car when I reached the Plommetjernveien road.

Haraberget ahead

From here, the Haraberget high point was only 330m to the south, but it was definitely not a walk in the park.

The forest was awful! First, I had to overcome fallen trees and then it was just overgrown.

This was supposedly the highest point…

I had no idea where the highest point was and had to make sure I visited all the potential high points before turning around.

It was a delight to get back to the bike and aim for the car, although I had to apply full brakes most of the way down. I was back at the car before 7:30am and had time to get back to the hotel, take a quick shower and get a quick breakfast before logging on at work.  

Eventually, I got some views but this was not an epic hike!

At noon, I logged off and began my journey up to Kongsberghallen where the company event & dinner would take place. I had a nice 3km walk up along the Lågen river.

I’m not going to share too much about the event, other than it the wow! factor was sky-high. More than 2100 persons were served dinner. How’s that for logistics…

Great show. I have no idea who were performing…

A handful of Norway’s most popular artists covered the musical part of the event and we all enjoyed ourselves big-time!

I know who this is, though. And we all knew his songs

As I planned to leave Kongsberg early the next morning, I didn’t stay until the end had an enjoyable walk back to the hotel, talking to Anne on the phone.

Heading back to Kongsberg along Lågen river

Trip statistics: 5,5km, 285 vertical meters, 1 hour

Continued on day 3

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